Ali PollockFebruary 19, 2019
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The 6 Key Tactics to Boost Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy

In a study conducted by Management Recruiters International, 90 percent of recruiters indicated we are in a candidate-driven job market. Since so many companies are hiring, candidates have options to choose from. In a market where recruiters need to attract the best talent, how can they plan to stand out? Recruitment marketing is the solution for talent acquisition to attract and obtain the best of the best.

What is Recruitment Marketing?

Recruitment marketing refers to the strategies and tactics an organization uses to find, attract, engage, and nurture talent before they apply for a job. It is a strategy adapted by talent acquisition teams to find the best talent and culture fit for their company.

These six tactics will ensure the best recruitment marketing strategy for your talent acquisition team:

1. Employer Branding

This is the foundation for your entire recruitment marketing plan. Your company’s brand should reflect your mission, values, and culture. Keep your branding consistent and authentic, and infuse it into all your recruitment marketing.

Tip: Platforms like Glassdoor and Comparably are great tools to represent your company culture to job seekers. Encourage your employees to leave reviews about their experience with your company. This will not only attract potential candidates, but it will also show you what you can improve to get better reviews. (On sites like Glassdoor, you can also respond to negative reviews to show that your company takes feedback seriously.)

2. Audience Targeting

Learning about who is applying to each position is key when targeting and segmenting your audience. Build profiles for each type of employee and find out what their motivations are behind finding the perfect job. After creating unique profiles for each type of candidate, different strategies can be implemented to reach your target audience.

Tip: Some of the best targeting methods include segmented emails and paid advertisements on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

3. Career Site

Sixty-four percent of candidates listed a company’s career site as the top resource channel to find out about job opportunities. This is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your employer branding. Through engaging content like employee videos and testimonials, you will be giving job seekers an inside look at what it is actually like to work at your company.

Additionally, your career site should be a seamless, easy experience for all candidates. Keeping your career site up to date with features like mobile resume uploading, LinkedIn profile information parsing, and job browsing history will demonstrate a better candidate experience.

4. Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to connect and communicate with both passive and active job seekers. Each platform serves a different purpose, so it is important to only pick platforms that enhance your company’s brand. A platform like Instagram is perfect for a visual representation of office culture, while LinkedIn is great for sharing company news and updates.

Tip: After building your social presence on your chosen platform, consider allocating a budget towards paid media, which will help target your job postings to a more specific audience.

5. Communication and Nurturing Strategy

Once a candidate has taken an action such as joining your talent community, signing up for job alerts, or applying, it is important that you follow up. Keep communication flowing with potential candidates through channels like email and text messaging.

Tip: Creating engaging content is key to keeping job seekers interested in your company.

6. Data Collection

Your recruitment marketing strategy can be evaluated through data insights. This is where you get to see if your recruitment marketing efforts are making an impact on the company’s ROI.

Did you find out you aren’t seeing positive results? That’s OK! Data can provide you with the information to change your strategy and improve performance.

Putting Your Strategy Into Action

In a job market where candidates have more options than ever, a strong recruitment marketing plan is imperative. Putting all of these tactics together will improve the candidate experience, which is something your new hires will be thankful for. And make sure you have seamless messaging across all platforms to keep your company’s branding consistent—this will ensure you attract great talent who are a perfect culture fit for your company.

Ali Pollock

Ali is a Talent Marketing Specialist at Phenom People, where she helps create phenomenal candidate experiences. She also loves music and has been a singer/musician since she was 13.

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