Matthew McCollumOctober 05, 2017
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The Secret of Talent Analytics

Phenom Analytics keeps getting better. Now featuring Talent Analytics, this module contains four main components, Hiring Pipeline, Hiring Funnel, Hiring Funnel Detailed, and the Hiring Status Report. Let’s take a look at each of these, and how you can leverage key insights to optimize your recruiting strategy.

Hiring Pipeline

Hiring Pipeline shows the status of candidates with respect to the different job categories at your organization. Here, you can see how many of your candidates are in the various pipeline stages including applicant, nurture, phone interview, onsite interview, offer, and hire. Each of these statuses are pulled directly from your ATS in real-time.

To display the data in an efficient and visually appealing way, the Phenom Engineering Team used horizontally stacked charts that allow you to compare multiple sets of data simultaneously. Each talent analytics set uses on-hover tooltips so you can quickly interpret without having to click your mouse.

Hiring Pipeline

Hiring Funnel

Hiring Funnel shows the flow of candidates through various hiring statuses. This section removes the applicants that aren’t marked for nurturing, which basically means we’re only focusing on your active applicants.

By placing your active applicants under a microscope, you can effectively evaluate performance metrics like:

  • Percentage of applicants from nurture to phone interview
  • Percentage of applicants from phone interview to onsite interview
  • Percentage of applicants from onsite interview to offer
  • Percentage of applicants from offer to hire

If you are familiar with Phenom’s user detection capabilities, where passive visitors on your Career Site are converted into leads in the CRM, the Hiring Funnel also displays how many of those unique leads are among the active applicants.

Hiring Funnel

Hiring Funnel Detailed

Hiring Funnel Detailed page is a drill down on the global funnel so your team can evaluate the flow of candidates on specific jobs. There are two recommended options to utilizing this page:

  1. Use the filters at the top to select which job categories (departments) and locations you wish to focus your attention to.
  2. Type in the Requisition ID from your ATS to call out a specific job.

More robust talent analytics in the detailed hiring funnel.

Hiring Status Report

Need to print out a spreadsheet of all your applicants? No problem. The Hiring Status Report allows you to export an excel or CSV file that includes the applicant name, date of apply, hiring status, job title, conversion source, and more.

Talent analytics can be exported to a CSV file with Phenom People.

For more information about Phenom Talent Analytics, schedule a demo with one of our sales professionals or check out this video.

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