Kristina FinsethJune 01, 2017
Topics: Recruiter Experience

What's Recruitment Marketing Really Made Of?

Everyone's talking about recruitment marketing these days, and rightfully so. In order to attract, engage and convert today's top talent, you have to go after them in the right way to get their attention.

There's quite a few companies out there in the recruitment marketing space, but it can be difficult to cut through the fluff to figure out the solution that's right for you and your organization's unique needs.

Using the recruitment marketing funnel as our guide along with the personas explained in our recently launched e-book, The Definitive Guide to Talent Relationship Marketing - let's dive into some of the product features every organization needs to consider when choosing and implementing a recruitment marketing solution.

Landing the Candidate The recruitment marketing funnel is a top-heavy funnel that focuses on your ideal candidate personas during the first four stages.

These stages are:

Awareness: The first impression matters, and this is where you have the opportunity to connect your employer brand to the candidate.

Consideration: Offer your unique employee value proposition (EVP) to start peaking the candidate's interest.

Interest: Deliver an awesome personalized experience, and get them to apply.

Application: Make applying to a job as seamless as possible so candidates don't drop off and lose interest.

So, what product features fall into these stages?

  • Career Sites: Your site should be SEO-friendly with modern interfaces that respond well on all devices.
  • Job Aggregator: Post opportunities on multiple job boards and funnel them back.
  • Display Advertising: Use paid advertising to reach a targeted yet passive audience.
  • Glassdoor Integrations: Curate employee reviews that offer a higher level of transparency without directing candidates away from your site.
  • Personalization: Adapt your content and job recommendations to speak directly to your target audience.
  • Smart Job Search: Making finding a job as easy as buying a product on Amazon with incremental, semantic, location, or faceted search functionality.

The Internal Players - Recruiters, Hiring Managers & Talent Leaders The bottom of the recruitment marketing funnel shifts focus from the candidate to the organization and key internal stakeholders. The shift occurs because the first four stages are dedicated to getting the candidate to apply, but now it's up to the company to evaluate their fit.

The stages include:

Selection: Engage and nurture your talent pipeline while finding the ideal candidate fit.

Hire: Convert the best talent into hired employees. Keep engaging post-hire for retention.

What product features fall into these stages?

  • Campaign Management: Nurture your candidate pipelines through automated email and SMS campaigns.
  • Candidate Scoring: Use advanced algorithms to intelligently rank candidates at the job level, based on their skills, experience, and engagement.
  • Talent Analytics: Make smarter hiring decision by drilling down into analytics that capture every touch point of the Talent Relationship Marketing lifecycle.
  • Talent Communities: Grow your overall pipeline by sourcing resumes from candidates that aren't ready to apply, but want to be kept in the loop on future opportunities.
  • Referral Programs: Implement employee referral programs that are proven to source better talent that is less likely to churn.
  • Internal Mobility: Encourage employee growth through internal career sites that help your employees establish a career path in line with the corporate vision.

Of course, there are more features than the ones provided in this post. However, these offer an excellent foundation for any recruitment marketing solution. Stay tuned as we take a closer look at these features individually in the coming months.

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