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People Manager

Give your managers a tool that centralizes the data they need to build high-performing teams.Book a demo

Put managers in the driver's seat of their team's development

  • See Aspirations and Actions

    Provide managers with details about their team's career goals and upskilling/reskilling activities.

  • Personalize Engagements

    Empower leaders to create development plans with relevant opportunities to develop their team's skills.

  • Select Successors Easily

    Equip managers with clarity on the best successors inside and outside their team.

Transform managers into your best career advisors

Quickly see employee activity and the skills makeup of your team to identify potential gaps or risks — and take action.
Phenom People Manager - Team and Skills Dashboard
Allow managers to present career options to their team with a journey map that outlines their next role, what's required to get there, and specific actions to take now.
Phenom People Manager - Career Planning
Managers will be able to schedule and execute 1-on-1s, making the conversations more meaningful by having in-depth employee information and suggested talking points at their fingertips.
Phenom People Manager - Data Driven 1-1s

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