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Strike a balance between quantity and quality in your high-volume hiring processes with pre-hire assessments.Book a demo

Among the thousands, know who to focus on first

  • Hire Faster Using Objective Data

    Evaluate candidates based on the requirements of the role to reduce bias in hiring decisions.

  • Prioritize Candidates Effectively

    Leverage scoring to distinguish between the strongest matches and fast-track accordingly.

  • Take a Holistic Approach to Hiring

    Assess candidates inline as part your streamlined high-volume hiring experience.

Narrow down options based on likeliness to succeed

Determine if candidates possess the knowledge and abilities to perform well in the role of focus.
Phenom Assessments - Behavioral Surveys
Evaluate how a candidate would handle work-related scenarios through judgment and problem-solving assessments.
Phenom Assessments - Situational Judgement
Determine how well a candidate understands and applies appropriate grammar and punctuations. Plus, assess how effectively they interpret and share information, which can be critical for customer-facing positions.
Phenom Assessments - reading & listening comprehension
Ensure candidates can type quickly and effectively for roles where a high WPM is of the utmost importance.
Phenom Assessments - Typing Speed

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