Maggie BleharMay 19, 2023
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4 Mass Hiring Strategies for 2023

Companies turn to mass hiring when they need to increase their workforce due to things like seasonal staffing surges, brick-and-mortar expansion, or employee turnover, but hiring on a large scale can be an intimidating task. Why? Because when companies are mass hiring, they must fill positions within a short period of time or all year round — and that constant movement poses challenges.

With the right strategies and tools in place, however, businesses can quickly connect with job seekers and nurture top talent faster than ever. Check out the 4 best mass hiring strategies organizations should use to accelerate their hiring efforts and attract top candidates.

1. Leverage talent networks

Leveraging a comprehensive talent network is one of the most effective mass hiring strategies that reaches top candidates quickly. By setting up a customized talent network, you can easily connect, or reconnect, with new and previous job seekers who align with your company’s needs and values — and quickly let them know if they’re a good match for an open position.

A good way to develop your network is to utilize social media to engage and attract talent to your company by posting current job openings, interview tips and tricks, company culture videos, and more.

Relying on talent networks allows for a personalized approach to recruiting, as you can use the network to build relationships with your prospective hires and keep them connected even if they aren’t the best fit for a current position.

2. Automate time consuming tasks

Leveraging AI technology is essential when it comes to managing a large number of candidates and designing a mass hiring strategy that’s scalable. Use a CRM to build, engage, and track talent pipelines and filter for best-fit talent. Tools like AI scheduling, SMS or 1:1 messaging, and one-way video assessments also allow businesses to monitor and adjust their processes and quickly identify the best candidates for the role through pre-screening and scheduling capabilities.

These AI-powered tools save recruiters time that would have been spent on manual, repetitive tasks so they can focus on engaging and connecting with job seekers instead.

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3. Utilize referral programs

Word of mouth is still one of the most powerful forms of marketing, which is why referral programs are an excellent way for businesses to source top talent. Encouraging existing employees to refer people for open positions expands your reach and helps you locate top talent without spending your marketing budget. It also allows organizations to more easily track successes and recognize employees for contributing to the company’s hiring goals.

Referral programs often lead to more successful hires who have better job performance than those sourced through more traditional methods since they feel more connected to your organization.

4. Promote your employer brand

Building and promoting a strong employer brand that highlights your company's values, culture, and employee benefits is one of the mass hiring strategies you don’t want to miss. A positive employer brand attracts a larger talent pool and enhances your organization's appeal to prospective candidates.

Ways to promote your employer brand include:

  • Keeping all messaging simple yet authentic

  • Sharing the most unique aspects of your company’s products or services with prospective employees

  • Talking candidly about your company’s purpose and why it’s important

  • Showing people what the day-to-day is like through employee testimonials and social media posts

Candidates want transparency, and if you showcase your brand in a genuine way, they’ll be more likely to apply.

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Hiring at volume can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. With these mass hiring strategies in place, you’ll be on track to creating an efficient hiring process that attracts top talent in no time.

Download our High-Volume Hiring Playbook to help you build a unique action plan to source, nurture, and convert best-fit talent faster.

Maggie Blehar

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