Maggie BleharJune 5, 2023
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Must-Have Technology to Accelerate Frontline Hiring and Recruiting

Up to 30 hours of a recruiter’s week can be spent focusing on administrative work instead of directly with candidates and hiring managers. With talent scarce and recruiters inundated with responsibilities, companies must embrace cutting edge technology to assist their TA teams in the hiring process.

This is no different with frontline hiring and recruiting. Companies that are mass hiring for frontline roles like healthcare workers, educators, food service providers, transportation workers, and more need to extend offers quickly to beat out competitors. And with the right technology, they can — without sacrificing quality for quantity.

Check out the following must-have technology to accelerate frontline hiring and recruiting at your organization.

1. Chatbot

In our recently released State of Candidate Experience: 2023 Benchmarks Report, we found that only 15% of Fortune 500 companies used a chatbot on their career site. Chatbots are a great way to leverage AI to answer questions 24/7, suggest relevant jobs based on location or skills, pre-screen candidates, and ultimately reduce time consuming tasks typically handled by recruiters or hiring managers. In addition, chatbots can be accessed by candidates on their mobile devices, boosting engagement from frontline and 3rd shift workers.

For frontline recruiting specifically, chatbots can also move pre-screened candidates on to the next hiring stage without recruiter involvement. The chatbot does this by assessing what skills and certifications a candidate has and determining whether or not they would be a good fit for the role. In this way, recruiters are able to skip the screening process and move directly into interviewing candidates for open positions.

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2. AI Scheduling Technology

Another easy way to accelerate frontline hiring is by using an AI scheduling tool. This allows TA teams to become more strategic and efficient by:

  • Automating and managing interview scheduling 24/7 without the need for recruiter intervention

  • Connecting with best-fit candidates from a broader talent pool

  • Boosting the candidate experience with an efficient hiring and interview process

  • Sending meeting reminders to reduce “ghosting” or missed appointments

AI scheduling works by integrating the calendars of recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates, then analyzing individual calendar data and producing suggested meeting times based on availability. The tool can schedule — and reschedule — interviews 24/7, keeping candidates and recruiters up to date through automated emails or SMS messages.

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3. Video Interview and Assessments Tools

The pandemic has permanently changed how organizations interview candidates. Specifically, the use of video interviewing has doubled since 2020, while a SHRM study found that 23% of respondents were preparing for solely virtual interviewing. Using video assessments to screen and interview candidates can accelerate your frontline hiring and recruiting efforts in the following ways:

  • Convenience: Candidates can pre-record interviews and hiring teams can review those interviews at times that work best for them.

  • User-friendliness: Phenom Video Assessments, for example, provides 24/7 user support, as well as tips and tricks for recording a great interview, leaving candidates feeling confident in the answers they’re submitting.

  • Collaboration: Hiring team members can review interviews, leave feedback, and recommend best-fit talent all within the same platform, so no ___ gets overlooked.

  • Consistency: Due to consistent scoring criteria and guidelines, hiring teams can apply an equitable approach to screening candidates at scale.

With video assessments, you can hire candidates faster and at scale through a simplified screening process, hiring decision alignment, convenient automations, and a personalized candidate experience.

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4. SMS Capabilities

Many frontline workers are used to working nontraditional hours, which means they aren’t always at a desk during a typical 9-5 workday. In order to capture these candidates, having SMS and text-to-apply capabilities is a must.

SMS technology allows you to meet all job seekers where they are in just the click of a button. By sending texts to engage candidates in real-time, creating keyword campaigns to grow your pipeline, and chatting through different messaging apps, you can quickly and efficiently pre-screen candidates, connect them with recruiters and hiring managers, and set up interviews in no time.

Phenom SMS allows hiring teams to manage all candidate communication in one place, connect with individuals or send group messages, and view inbound texts and archived conversations so a quality candidate doesn’t slip through the cracks.

Take texting to the next level and increase your level of engagement with frontline candidates in your talent pool by offering SMS messaging.

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When capturing frontline candidates, especially at high volume, you need technology that can keep up. From an intelligent chatbot, to AI scheduling, to video assessments, to SMS technology, Phenom High-Volume Hiring can take top talent from “hello” to a hiring action in as little as three minutes.

Accelerate your frontline hiring and recruiting today by booking a personalized demo.

Maggie Blehar

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