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How Award-Winning Phenom High-Volume Hiring Enhances Recruiting

Between a volatile labor market, looming recession, and changing talent expectations, HR teams don’t have it easy. And for industries that need to fill high-volume roles quickly and at scale, the issues are only exacerbated.

Global organizations that are managing to stay on course and not only meet hiring goals, but also outpace their competitors, are turning to AI-powered technology that connects candidates with jobs faster and automates tedious tasks for recruiters. But not all AI is created equal — and as more companies build new intelligent tools, it's important to understand their applications and how they impact the market to solve real problems.

Phenom High-Volume Hiring was built with all of this in mind, and we're proud to announce it recently earned Business Intelligence Group’s 2023 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award for AI innovation.

Phenom’s solution stood out for its ability to solve organizations’ biggest recruitment challenges in a highly competitive talent market. The solution embeds AI throughout highly automated hiring workflows that are especially attractive to companies hiring large numbers of hourly and frontline employees, allowing employers to extend staffing offers quickly and fill business-critical roles in record time.

What does it mean to be AI-powered?

“AI inside” is touted by just about every provider of talent acquisition and talent management software. However, it’s not so clear where intelligence is really baked into modern talent solutions — and more importantly, what it does to simplify the candidate journey and improve recruiter efficiency.

First, consider what AI can do within your hiring tech stack. It can:

  • Make recommendations, matching candidate skills to published job descriptions, locations, and shift availability.

  • Make associations using a skills ontology to compare job titles and seniority. For example, a “cast member” at a Disney property quick-service restaurant may be equivalent to a “crew member” at Arby’s. However, neither job description may be presented as a “server”. Similarly, an AI-based job matching algorithm will recognize a financial controller as having equivalent skills and responsibilities as a CFO.

  • Automate hiring processes using employer-defined criteria to filter and rapidly progress candidates based on specific staffing requirements and priorities.

The best AI augments the work of its intended user; ultimately, hiring decisions are best left to recruiters and hiring managers. Phenom facilitates this by keeping “humans in the loop” — signaling to the AI where it’s working well and where it can improve. When harnessed to its full potential, AI gives valuable time back to recruiting teams to be strategic in their function, and spend more time engaging with candidates. With High-Volume Hiring, they can focus their attention on the largest possible pool of qualified candidates.

Where exactly does AI play a role within Phenom’s mass-hiring solution?

AI capabilities on Career Sites provide personalized candidate experiences and relevant job recommendations via an uploaded CV, talent community profile, job search history, and more.

An intelligent Chatbot acts as the conversational guide that moves a job seeker through verification of interests and certifications or advanced credentials (if required for a role), screening, seamless creation of a candidate record, collection of referrals, and on to further hiring actions.

Video Assessments embedded in a chat or career site engagement not only allow candidates to introduce themselves and respond to key qualifying questions, but are routed by AI to specific recruiters or hiring managers for review and feedback.

AI Scheduling can coordinate one-to-one, one-to-many, or sequential interviews based on hiring priorities and job roles. Appointments are made, confirmations sent, and rescheduling managed — all without consuming huge blocks of talent team time.

Intelligent Workflow Automation ties all of these processes together, using AI and sophisticated if/then logic to fast-track qualified candidates into the final hiring stages for jobs that match both their interests and abilities, and match an employer's highest priority roles to fill. Candidates can be redirected to alternate best-fit or need-now roles without having to restart the application process.

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How does this all impact the bottom line for hiring?

For organizations currently using Phenom High-Volume Hiring:

Candidate application abandonment rates have plummeted — employers are seeing application completion rates exceeding 90%. Compare that to a reported average of 10.6% completion rate!

Hiring managers at a leading global food and beverage manufacturer are saving an average of 78 hours per month, per facility due to automated group interview scheduling and feedback.

Recruiters at a nationwide provider of healthcare and rehabilitative services have moved 100% of their nursing and direct caregiver candidates through AI-driven processes, including automated job search, screening, and interviewing actions. This allows them to spend time on higher-touch activities such as verification of specialized skills and qualifications.

Are you ready to add AI to your hiring teams’ toolbox?

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