Jenn ThomasMay 18, 2021
Topics: Manager Experience

Introducing Phenom Hiring Manager: The Missing Piece to More Effective Hiring

HR is entering a new age of hiring as the world opens back up. The competition for talent is already fierce, which raises the critical question: Are you ready?

The reality is that while many organizations will keep afloat, only a few will lead. And a key differentiator comes down to the ultimate decision makers in the hiring process: managers. Even the greatest talent acquisition teams are frequently held back by multi-tasking supervisors who — quite understandably — are focused on everything but hiring.

HR teams are in desperate need of a fully integrated tool that can facilitate and optimize transparent communication and hiring processes among recruiters, TA, and hiring managers from start to finish. Sounds like a dream ... but does such an industry game-changer exist?

The answer is yes!

Introducing Phenom Hiring Manager

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Recognizing the high-stakes need for talent, Phenom set out to develop a solution for enterprises to reduce communication bottlenecks and eliminate friction in the hiring process at scale.

Built with time-strapped managers in mind, Phenom Hiring Manager is an AI-powered set of hiring tools that unites candidate discovery, interview scheduling, video assessments, and evaluation tools into an accessible, centralized, intuitive user experience.

Like today’s most used apps, simplicity is an essential feature to ensure quick adoption — not aggravation. Not only does Hiring Manager give your managers greater visibility into the hiring process and pending decisions, it illuminates best-fit candidates instantaneously using Phenom’s AI fit score and insights.

Explore how Phenom Hiring Manager can reduce time to hire and redesign how managers build better teams faster:

Optimize Collaboration with Recruiters to Discover the Right Fit for Any Role

Phenom Hiring Manager dashboard

Resumes and candidate suggestions sent by email or Slack messages can easily get lost in the shuffle. Constant DMs from a recruiter can also be distracting for busy managers — plus, remote work has eliminated many of those “Hey, did you check out that resume yet?” pass-in-the-hallway reminders.

Phenom Hiring Manager introduces a new, more efficient way to collaborate. Recruiters using Phenom’s Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) tool can easily push candidate profiles to hiring managers for review. With just a few clicks, managers can review profiles, leave feedback, and choose to reject or approve suggested candidates to move forward in the process. No more lost emails and no more interrupted workflows searching for answers to routine questions that might not require a deeper conversation.

Automate Interview Scheduling & Accelerate Assessment Evaluations

Phenom Hiring Manager - Scheduling

Let’s face it – scheduling interviews is a logistical nightmare.

Using Phenom Scheduling, candidates, recruiters, and managers can benefit from an automated scheduling and re-scheduling assistant that syncs with interview team calendars in real-time. Within the manager dashboard, managers can review and prepare for upcoming interviews. After an interview, they can then leave feedback and action items within the manager dashboard for recruiters and other hiring managers to view.

For users leveraging Phenom’s video assessments to screen candidates at scale, managers can also review and evaluate candidates’ video submissions. Video assessments can help ensure the best candidates make it to the interview stage, reducing the quantity of interviews and increasing the quality.

Take Action & Move Hiring Forward

Hiring isn’t a manager’s full-time job — most are busy leading teams while simultaneously delivering on business-critical goals. Depending on a multitude of factors, some managers will hire multiple candidates a week, while others may only hire a few a year. In addition, some roles may be highly specialized with multiple interview rounds, while others might simply require a video assessment and a background check.

Phenom Hiring Manager is built with this flexibility in mind. Managers can drop into the manager dashboard whenever they have hiring needs to efficiently collaborate with recruiters and quickly see what’s needed to move hiring forward.

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