Jenn ThomasJanuary 17, 2023
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Land O’Lakes: A University Recruiting Powerhouse

Land O’Lakes is no stranger to growth. The Fortune 250 agriculture, manufacturing, and technology giant now exceeds 9,000 workers across the United States and 60 countries around the world.

Committed to advancing technology to solve critical food challenges, Land O’Lakes needs the right people in the right roles to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. But when it comes to sourcing talent, they often rely on an area that can present its own set of challenges: university recruiting.

Their three key pain points? 

  1. Delivering consistent, impactful marketing materials
  2. Building relationships in a virtual and post-pandemic environment
  3. Capturing and capitalizing on candidate data to ease the work of recruiters, talent marketers, and hiring teams

“Recruiters were inundated with manual processes and lacked crucial candidate data to gain insights and focus on strategies that help hire early talent fast,” said Jenny Friedman, Talent Acquisition Manager at Land O’Lakes.

Without an integrated solution to seamlessly connect all of those dots — a challenge many TA teams share — hiring well over a hundred interns as well as new grads was a heavy lift.

Read the full case study here, or continue on for the highlights.

The Solution

Already a Phenom customer, Land O’Lakes avoided additional point solutions and streamlined their data by unlocking the power of Phenom University Recruiting to accomplish their top goals: 

  • Eliminate manual recruiting processes
  • Replace printed marketing materials with dynamic, easily editable content
  • Streamline all talent marketing email campaigns and events
  • Increase the recruiting lifespan of early talent

Here are five key ways they’re maximizing the capabilities of an intelligent talent experience platform to dominate across this vital part of TA:

1. Virtual events. With University Recruiting, the Land O’Lakes team can easily build, schedule, market, and track online recruiting or “value-add” events with dedicated landing and registration pages on their Phenom Career Site.

2. On-site events. For in-person events, Phenom’s convenient mobile app helps the team register attendees, take photos of resumes, and leave feedback notes. Its integration with the Phenom CRM simplifies the ability to record, store, and quickly access student information such as skills, experience, graduation year, and location — eliminating the need to track down students’ information in person. 

3. Campaigns. When building events, the team leverages Phenom Campaigns to connect with students before each event via email or SMS, and Phenom SMS allows the team to be more intentional in how they reach students selected for interviews, as well as keep students who accept offers engaged.

4. Career site analytics. With their Career Site, CRM, and Phenom Talent Analytics the team finally has the ability to share all their early talent resources — and easily track what’s working.

5. Video content. They’re using videos — a balance between self-recorded and high-production content — to feature a variety of talent at the company, discussing everything from what Land O’Lakes looks for in interns to helpful day-in-the-life overviews.    

“Immediately having access to top leads from events is a capability we never had before. Important information gets to hiring managers and decision makers even faster this way,” Friedman explained.

The Results

Now able to "get above the funnel" with the critical data, the team can market to students, schools, and clubs before they’re even on site — saving over $10K in trade show collateral and thousands of recruiter hours, as well as achieve a 100% email open rate and 6K page views in only one month. 

What Land O'Lakes is achieving with Phenom

“Phenom’s ability to help us promote our company to students, educate them about our brand, and then see engagement data and insights is so valuable. It makes all of our hard work worth it,” Friedman shared. 

Dive deeper into Land O’ Lakes’ success with Phenom in the full case study.

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