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University Recruiting

University Recruiting serves as your comprehensive solution for organizing and overseeing university and college recruiting events. Its user-friendly, powerful app enables convenient review and management of registrants directly from your mobile phone, ensuring flexibility on the go.Book a Demo

Discover your next best talent

  • Expand Your Talent Pipeline

    Engage with in-person or remote job seekers without being restricted by geographical constraints, ensuring they meet the qualifications for your company's current job openings.

  • Focus On Building Connections

    Streamline tasks with pre- and post-event checklists, and use note-taking and evaluations to nurture engagement with top candidates beyond the event.

  • Master Your Event Strategy

    Identify and maximize the impact of events that generate a return on investment.

Build, promote, and track events

Seamlessly create events and customized registration pages, establish branding, and set privacy settings for users — whether your event is in-person or online.
Two screengrabs of event builder interfaces built to streamline event management within the Phenom platform
Nurture attendees with email and SMS campaigns to raise excitement for upcoming events, share information about your company, or follow up with new leads. Use tags to add attendees to campaigns to keep them engaged beyond the event.
Phenom Campaigns
Utilize powerful automations to efficiently schedule interviews seamlessly before, during, and after the event, eliminating time-consuming tasks associated with scheduling and rescheduling.
Screengrab of the interview scheduling interface available within the Phenom AI scheduling feature
Register and check in attendees faster, take photos of resumes, leave candidate feedback notes, and move candidates through the funnel faster with on-the-spot evaluations. The app syncs with the Phenom CRM for easy access and you can use offline mode to capture leads when there's no Wi-Fi.
Three screengrabs of capabilities available to users within Phenom's event module mobile application
Use real-time information to make on-the-fly changes to your events strategy to maximize your event performance.
Six examples of intelligent insights and data analytics in a user-friendly interface

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