Discover your next best talent

Easily create in-person and virtual recruiting events, track attendees, and measure ROI with Phenom University Recruiting. Plus, manage events and registrants using the Phenom mobile app when you're on the go.

Expand Your Pipeline

Connect with a wide network of job seekers in-person or remotely, independent of location.

Make virtual connections

Adapt to new business needs with online recruiting events.

Master Your Event Strategy

Identify the events that drive ROI and quality candidates.

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Event Builder

Create events that spark meaningful connections

Seamlessly create events and registration pages, establish branding, and set privacy settings for users.

Creating a recruiting or virtual recruiting event in Phenom University Recruiting
Creating an email campaign to nurture recruiting event registration in Phenom University Recruiting and Phenom CRM
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Stay connected with job seekers

Nurture attendees with email and SMS campaigns to raise excitement for upcoming events or follow up with new leads.

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Events Mobile App

Manage events on the go

Manage an entire event directly from your mobile device. Register attendees, take photos of resumes, and leave feedback notes about candidates you meet. Offline mode allows you to capture leads when you’re not connected to Wi-Fi. All information recorded in the app automatically feeds into the Phenom CRM for easy access.

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Maximize your events

Update your event strategy on the fly with real-time information about registrants and event performance.

Track recruiting event or virtual recruiting event registration and ROI in Phenom University Recruiting.

"You can go with four or five different providers, or you can work with one robust solution. Phenom TXM unifies our talent experiences, boosting our efficiency and quality of hire."


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