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4 Must-Have Features in a High-Volume Recruiting Tool

Recruiting in high volumes can be an overwhelming task for any organization across all industries. With large applicant pools and numerous positions to fill, streamlining the process is essential to improving efficiencies and hiring successfully.

A high-volume recruiting tool can be a game-changer, enabling recruiters to handle the demands of mass hiring with ease. However, not all recruiting tools are created equal, and it's essential to identify the must-have features that can truly enhance your hiring efforts. 

In this blog, we delve into the key features that should be on your radar when selecting a high-volume recruiting tool to ensure your teams can attract, assess, and hire the best talent swiftly and effectively.

4 must-have features in a high-volume recruiting tool

Although every organization has different high-volume recruiting needs, there are a couple of features that will accelerate, streamline, and enhance your efforts — allowing you to win the race to engage top talent. Here are four to keep in mind: 

1. Omni-channel engagement capabilities for candidates and hiring teams 

Your career site can only get you so far when you’re looking to engage and convert large volumes of applicants. Pair your personalized career site with a 24/7 chatbot alongside SMS or WhatsApp campaigns that make it easy for a candidate on the go to identify available roles — and even apply with just a few clicks. 

This approach also ensures job seekers have a good experience when your recruiters aren’t on the clock. When competing against other employers for top talent with easily transferable skills, quickly connecting and sharing information can be the difference between winning and losing a solid candidate. 

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2. AI and automated scheduling to decrease the time between applying and next hiring action

Leveraging intelligent automation to handle time-consuming, repetitive tasks allows your team to accelerate the manual aspect of scheduling and rescheduling interviews or screening calls. Going back and forth trying to find the best time to connect with potential candidates can be a deterrent — or even worse, give your competition more time to hire them instead. 

With automated scheduling, coordinating one-on-one, one-to-many, or sequential interviews between recruiters, hiring managers, and applicants is simple and straightforward. Allowing candidates to self-schedule meetings and receive timely reminders decreases the back-and-forth and the potential for ghosting. 

3. Intelligent hiring workflows to make your high-volume recruiting processes scalable 

Automated hiring workflows can remove your typical challenges when moving candidates from their initial engagement or expression of interest, through qualifying or screening questions, and to the next appropriate hiring action based on their job fit and availability. 

This offloads early administrative sifting and sorting from recruiting teams, allowing them to move higher numbers of qualified applicants through the hiring funnel with ease and efficiency. 

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4. Passive lead detection to identify potential job seekers early 

Passive lead detection empowers organizations to proactively identify and engage with potential candidates who may not have submitted an application or expressed direct interest in a job opening. Using AI and machine learning to enable passive lead detection offers additional insight into how users are interacting with your career site content. 

This layer of context allows recruiters to better understand which users are exhibiting genuine interest in the company, its culture, and its opportunities. By leveraging this approach, organizations can gain a competitive edge, build deeper candidate pools, and foster meaningful connections with candidates who align with their long-term goals and values.

Accelerate your high-volume recruiting with Phenom

AI is the key to creating and implementing a high-volume hiring process that’s efficient, effective, and easy to use. Phenom High-Volume Hiring, for example, is powered by AI to put the right tools at your fingertips, taking job seekers from hello to hired faster than your competition. 

With features like a chatbot, AI interview scheduling, one-way video interviews, automated workflows, and SMS campaigns, you’ll be equipped with the high-volume recruiting tools you need to achieve your high-volume hiring goals. 

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