Monica MontesaJuly 29, 2020
Topics: Talent Experience

Introducing: The HR Resiliency Playbooks

The past five months have been rife with ups and downs around the world. HR has been on the frontlines, pivoting to meet changing business needs and demands.

Despite the challenges we’ve all faced, our commitment to adapt and forge ahead has never been stronger. But the reality is this: even as the economy looks to recover, companies are still urgently navigating complex situations. Some are rapidly hiring to keep up with talent demands. Others continue to cope with hiring freezes while planning for post-pandemic recovery. And then there are those that are reallocating talent and skills within the organization to support growing areas of the business.

The role of HR has never been more critical—or challenging.

To help you adapt to the ever-changing needs of your business and market conditions, we created three HR Resiliency Playbooksstep-by-step guides designed to support talent leaders through specific HR needs:

1. Accelerating Virtual Recruiting Playbook

Organizations with in-demand services must hire quickly and effectively at scale, virtually—and in some cases, with less recruiter overhead. As the world reopens, many more companies will need to hire extensively and cost effectively to recoup lost revenue and stabilize their trajectory toward future growth.

Embracing virtual hiring strategies and technologies can help HR professionals support this shift and enable fast, productive talent acquisition.

This playbook outlines how you can attract, engage, and acquire best-fit candidates faster with virtual hiring, online interviewing and onboarding, employer branding, and more.

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2. Establishing Employee Agility Playbook

The best way to maintain business continuity when faced with talent shortages and a hiring freeze? Look at the internal talent within your organization.

By redistributing existing employees from stagnant areas of the business, employers are able to both fill gaps in critical areas of the business and empower employees through upskilling and learning and development opportunities.

This playbook reveals how you can mobilize your workforce with an internal talent marketplace that reskills employees through short-term tasks and projects, or gigs.

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3. Preparing for Talent Recovery Playbook

For organizations that needed to furlough or lay off workers as a result of the pandemic, a challenge has been reducing headcount without severing ties with employees they may need to bring back. How a company communicates their necessary workforce reduction, displays empathy for their former workers, and maintains positive relationships can make or break their employer brand and ability to recover when the time is right.

Building an employee alumni community enables businesses to support their former workforce, while also maintaining communication for when they’re ready to rehire.

This playbook details how you can establish a thriving alumni community, keep them engaged, and maintain a positive employer brand.

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Put your plan into action with Phenom

Featuring core elements of the AI-powered TXM platform, the new Phenom Essential Packages were carefully curated to enable HR teams to meet demanding priorities and mission-critical objectives—despite reduced budgets and limited resources.

  • Hiring Velocity: Engage candidates at scale, reduce hiring friction, and fill roles faster with Phenom Bot, live chat, CRM, virtual events, video assessments, and email/SMS messaging campaigns.
  • Virtual University Recruiting: Connect employers with a new wave of emerging talent using virtual events, video assessments, chatbot, CRM, and a mobile app.
  • Employee Agility: Enrich and engage internal talent, reskill employees at scale, and quickly transform departments with Phenom Gigs, an internal talent marketplace.
  • Talent Recovery: Support former and furloughed employees with resources and external job opportunities by leveraging a talent recovery site, Phenom Bot, and email/SMS messaging campaigns.

As you continue to navigate the new normal of HR, this is an opportunity to prepare for the future that awaits. Whether you’re supporting current and former employees, redistributing talent throughout the business, or quickly hiring to meet demands, we hope these resources and tools help you meet business needs and get where you want to be.

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