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Hiring Velocity

Reduce hiring friction on the frontlines, fill essential roles faster, and meet unprecedented demand.Book a Demo

Everything you need to fill open roles faster

  • Do More With More

    Have more conversations and help candidates find the right fit faster with AI and automation.

  • Automate Tedious Tasks

    Empower your recruiters to spend less time doing admin work and more time nurturing talent.

  • Engage Talent 24/7

    Keep the conversation going with active and passive leads, even after standard business hours.

Engage candidates at scale, reduce hiring friction, and fill roles faster


Ask candidates questions to learn more about their needs. Keep the conversation contextually relevant to what's being surfaced in responses.Screengrab of example conversation between a job seeker and chatbot to show recommended available jobs on a career site


Allow candidates to text a keyword to receive automated information about jobs, FAQs, and events. Set up AI-powered conversational campaigns, and watch your talent pipeline flourish.Screengrab of SMS text messaging campaign capabilities within Phenom's recruiter experience platform


Building meaningful relationships with candidates is the heart of recruiting. Send email and SMS messages that nurture job seekers into applicants and keep your company top of mind.Example of marketing campaign set up choices available within Phenom's recruiter experience software


Set up knockout questions for a concentrated talent pool, and arrange next steps for an interview.Example of a candidate screening conversation through an AI-powered chatbot

Talent Pipeline

Cultivate and maintain relationships with job seekers for upcoming career opportunities.Screenshot of a talent community popup with a button that says "join now"

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