Tom TateMarch 26, 2020
Topics: Employee Experience

New Feature: Wellness Resources to Keep Employees Calm and Focused

Adjusting to remote working, dealing with daily uncertainty, and managing shifting priorities can cause stress and anxiety amongst employees.

We’ve created a curated collection of wellness resources for Phenom’s Internal Mobility customers to share with your teams and keep them calm and focused while working through a pandemic.

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Share these relevant resources with employees

Image of employee wellness resources

Sharing a variety of resources to support your employees during tumultuous times will help them adjust to change. Here are a few we've curated to promote employee wellness:

Mindfulness and Meditation

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, most schedules have been disrupted. Spending a few minutes a day practicing mindfulness, or a guided meditation, can help employees reduce stress and anxiety, and stay centered.

Tip: If you have any mindfulness, yoga, or meditation experts on your team, consider having them lead an occasional live session using a video conferencing tool.

Productivity Tips

Maintaining productivity is crucial. Your employees now need to adjust to how they communicate, manage their time, set their schedules, and execute. Many team members might have children or other family members to care for during this time, which could impact their typical productivity.

Tip: Share time management tips and productivity exercises to promote new positive habits.

Remote Working Tools

While some employees may have remote work experience, be mindful of those that have never worked from home before. Without a dedicated office or desk, it’s challenging to “get in the zone.” What once could be communicated in a quick face-to-face conversation now requires text chat or a video call.

Tip: Include content that helps your employees understand and utilize all of the remote working tools in your toolbox.

Coronavirus Information and FAQs

COVID-19 is likely to impact most employees at the local, national, and company level. Providing links to credible sources of information, along with your company’s official response, can keep team members informed, without feeling uncertain or overwhelmed.

Listen carefully to your employees as they express concerns and keep your FAQ page updated. If one person has a question, it's likely others do, too.

Tip: Use Phenom’s FAQ Page Template to quickly create and modify a page that will serve your employees.

Promote wellness during times of change

Our employee wellness hub has dozens of resources in the above categories. It'll be released for all Internal Mobility customers and easily customizable in the content management system. Reach out to your Customer
Success Manager to learn more.

Not a Phenom customer? We've shared the same resources in this spreadsheet! Simply create a copy and share with your team.

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