The fastest way to source and engage best-fit talent

Quickly discover top employees and candidates for any open role with Phenom AI Discovery.

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Find the right candidates from your CMS based on skills and fit.

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Engage the right candidates – including employees and cloud suggestions.

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Rediscover silver medalists, previous applicants, and alumni.

AI Discovery

Your best candidates are waiting to hear from you

Unlock the full potential of your ATS, HCM, and Talent CRM with Phenom AI Discovery — and accelerate hiring. From your thousands of previous applicants, active leads, and internal employees, AI Discovery will find the best-fit talent based on skills, experience, previous titles, and location

Employee Discovery

Source from within and promote internal mobility

Hiring from within saves time, reduces costs, and promotes a culture of internal mobility and employee engagement. With Phenom AI Discovery, recruiters and sourcers can quickly see internal talent that match open roles — before investing in external candidates.

AI Rediscovery

Engage previous applicants who match open roles

Silver medalists, past applicants, and alumni, are critical sources to fill your talent pipelines — especially hard-to-fill and specialized roles. With AI Discovery, rediscover these vetted candidates and engage them with relevant job opportunities to move hiring forward.

AI Cloud Sourcing

Discover new candidates from Phenom’s data network

Can’t find the perfect candidate? Tap into Phenom’s database of over 100 million publicly available candidate profiles! From this massive cloud-based network, get candidate suggestions, based on skills, experience, previous titles and location.

Hiring Dashboard

"You can go with four or five different providers, or you can work with one robust solution. Phenom TXM unifies our talent experiences, boosting our efficiency and quality of hire."


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