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Meet hourly and frontline staffing targets at scale with smarter, seamless workflows that use AI-led processes and sophisticated hiring logic. All within chat on any career site platform.Book a Demo

Take candidates and recruiters beyond hiring conversations, and right into hiring actions

  • Savvy candidate engagement

    Present your priority job postings, personalize recommendations, share videos and speed scheduling.

  • Automate for productivity

    Push application completion rates above 90% with logic-based workflows, screening and AI-scheduling.

  • Make every minute count

    Eliminate time consuming screening and scheduling and move 400% more candidates closer to their next job. Faster.

Make hiring for hourly and frontline jobs faster, frictionless and flexible

Guide candidates through relevant job postings based on skills and location, prescreen for required qualifications, and move them on to the next hiring stage, based on prioritized job openings.
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Sample conversation of a job seeker engaging with a chatbot to show the automated sourcing process powered by Phenom AI
Use AI-powered interview scheduling to automate time-consuming recruiter and hiring manager meeting coordination with eager job seekers.
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Two screengrabs of interview times and dates on a calendar through the Phenom AI Scheduling feature available within the recruiter experience software
Qualify candidates faster and with confidence. Engage with and evaluate candidates — beyond written words.
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Screengrab of video assessment features available within Phenom's recruiter experience platform on a transparent background
Make it easy for hiring managers to evaluate interviews and video assessments, and collaborate on team feedback — whether remotely or on-site.
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Image of four different graphs depicting talent analytics and statistics to help hiring managers make data-driven decisions
Enhance and adjust your strategies for hourly and frontline hiring with real-time talent acquisition insights.
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Phenom Talent Analytics
Build, engage and track active and passive talent pipelines. Match candidates to jobs with AI-led fit scoring, and capture campaign members.
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Phenom Talent CRM

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