A faster way to connect with candidates

Meet job seekers where they are—instantly. With Phenom SMS, send texts to individual candidates or multiple people at the same time, set up keyword campaigns to grow your pipeline, and chat via popular messaging apps.

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Instant communication

Quickly connect with candidates individually or as a group.

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Real-time management

Manage all candidate communication in one place and stay productive.

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Centralized messages

View inbound texts and archived conversations so you never miss a beat.

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1-to-1 Text

Nurture job seeker relationships

Engage individual candidates to follow up on interviews, arrange next steps, and communicate offers.

1 to 1 Texting in the Phenom Platform
Bulk Text Feature
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1-to-Many Text

Get the word out on a mass scale

Create and launch text campaigns to multiple candidates, promoting jobs or events.

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Grow your pipeline with SMS campaigns

Allow candidates to text a keyword to receive information about jobs, FAQs, and events. Set up SMS campaigns, and watch your talent pipeline flourish.

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Messaging Apps

Stay connected on every channel

Send messages from iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and WhatsApp within the Phenom CRM.

Communicate with candidates using messaging apps like WhatsApp with Phenom SMS in the Phenom CRM

"You can go with four or five different providers, or you can work with one robust solution. Phenom TXM unifies our talent experiences, boosting our efficiency and quality of hire."


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