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AI Discovery

Stop searching far and wide, and start tapping into the talent at your fingertips. Source and match the best internal and external candidates for any open role.Book a Demo

Unlock the potential of your ATS, HCM, and CRM

  • Uncover Candidates

    Find potential matches based on skills, fit experience, previous titles, and location.

  • Tap into Talent Pools

    Source from active leads, internal employees, and cloud suggestions.

  • Rediscover Potentials

    Take the opportunity to reconsider silver medalists, previous applicants, and alumni.

Propel the process of pursuing promising people

See internal talent that matches open roles before sourcing externally. Save time, reduce costs, and promote a culture of employee engagement in the process.
Previous applicants who match open roles can be critical sources to fill your talent pipelines. Especially hard-to-fill and specialized roles.
Tap into a massive database of publicly available candidate profiles. Using a massive cloud network, uncover potential fits based on skills, experience, title, and location.
Screengrab of an AI cloud sourcing example within Phenom's AI-powered platform

How AI is transforming candidate discovery

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Discover the power of AI Discovery.

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