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2018’s Top Talent Acquisition Thought Leadership

Here at Phenom People, we can’t believe that 2018 is coming to an end. For us, it was an incredible year of growth, many awards and honors, new product launches, and a big move to a new space in our U.S. office.

As we look ahead to 2019, we’re already planning our resolutions. And one area we want to improve? Providing you with even more compelling content to help you attract, engage, convert, and retain the right talent for the right job.

But first, we want to make sure you have our top ten assets from this year. Endless hours of research and development have gone into valuable resources on topics such as:

  • Utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) in HR technology
  • Improving the candidate experience
  • Increasing recruiter productivity
  • Implementing world-class recruitment strategies
  • Demystifying the future of work

...and so much more. We encourage you to dig in and learn something new as you start to consider how you will optimize your talent acquisition and talent management strategies in the coming year.

top 2018 assets

1. eBook: 2018 State of Talent Relationship Marketing (TRM)

The State of TRM report showcases the successes and failures of candidate experiences of the Fortune 500 companies. Each organization was scored and ranked with a numerical value to show how they compare to one another.

With findings such as:

  • 92% of career sites do not have a social media login for candidates to submit their credentials from those profiles,
  • 84% of companies lack personalization in their candidate experiences, and
  • 59% of companies do not include why candidates would want to work for them, definitely want to see how these companies stack up.

2. eBook: The TRM Value Guide

As a talent acquisition leader and professional, the process of evaluating and selecting a new talent technology isn’t a task to be taken lightly. After all, there’s no shortage of solutions at your fingertips.

The TRM Value Guide is designed to help you in the evaluation process by answering these crucial questions:

  • What are the key differentiators of a Talent Relationship Marketing solution?
  • How will a TRM Platform drive a better experience for all stakeholders involved?
  • What questions can be answered at the CEO, CTO, CFO, CMO, and CHRO levels?
  • How will a TRM Platform generate ROI and value for the organization?

3. eBook: The Science of Talent Signals

Learn how artificial intelligence develops the formula to solve Talent Acquisition’s biggest challenges:

  • How do I attract talent vs. chase it?
  • How can I reduce time to hire?
  • How do I retain top talent?

4. eBook: 10 Talent Acquisition Predictions for 2018

Tech is everywhere. Unlock your phone through facial recognition. Order a pizza with an emoji. Check your papers for plagiarism. Everyone has the latest gadget to stay relevant not only in their social circle, but in their profession.

A panel comprised of employer branding executives, recruiting professionals, tech gurus, and CEOs offer their predictions on how technology will influence recruiting through various methods:

  • Bots that remove bias from job descriptions to cater to a larger audience
  • Virtual reality demonstrating company culture and the job’s responsibilities
  • Other multimedia forms of communication besides email and telephone
  • Advancements in artificial intelligence that are implemented and proven
  • Marketing automation that sources candidates similar to how a lead generator initiates the sales cycle

5. Webinar: The Science of AI for Talent Acquisition

AI is making talent acquisition faster, better, and stronger by using science and talent signals to deliver:

  • Intelligent search to find the right job more quickly
  • Personalized experiences for candidates, employees, and recruiters
  • Actionable insights for suggestions and recommendations

Watch the recording as we pull the curtain back and reveal the science of AI for talent acquisition professionals. See how the right AI leads to business velocity in order to achieve goals at a faster rate.

6. Webinar: Artificial Intelligence: Trick or Treat

As much as 47 percent of jobs could be automated by 2033, and many fear we are on the verge of a complete AI takeover.

Join us for a spooky session where we cover some of the most controversial and haunting topics surrounding AI:

  • AI replaces the human brain
  • Chatbots are not AI
  • Your job is being replaced
  • AI takes over the world
  • Bias in AI
  • AI is not outcome driven

7. Webinar: How Blockchain Technology Will Impact the Future of HR & Talent Acquisition

Deemed a “tech breakthrough megatrend” by PwC, blockchain technology is best known for its role in the use of crypto currencies such as Bitcoin. Big name companies like Microsoft and IBM are already making huge investments in blockchain technology, showing that it’s quickly becoming a hot ticket item for 2018.

To hear about blockchain’s potential disruption to HR and talent acquisition, listen to a live discussion by our panel of experts from Korn Ferry Futurestep, KellyOCG, and the Future of Talent Institute. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of blockchain technology and the impact it can and will make on the future of HR and talent acquisition.

8. Webinar: How a Recruitment Marketing Strategy Fuels Your Candidate Experience

Recruitment marketing has become a common practice that attracts job seekers and begins an engaging candidate experience.

Watch this interview between Nancy Gray-Starkebaum, VP of Customer Experience, Phenom People, and Lori Sylvia, Founder & CEO, Rally Recruitment Marketing, on the most effective strategies for recruitment marketing.

9. CHRO Perspective: What Leading Companies Are Doing to Engage Employees

Only 33 percent of employees are engaged at work, costing companies as much as $550 billion each year. As a result, organizations are investing more time and energy into fostering a better employee experience.

Watch a panel of CHROs from leading brands like HPE, VaynerMedia and Edelman as they share their perspectives on the importance of engaging internal talent.

10. 22nd Century Jobs: Preparing for Work That Doesn’t Yet Exist

Today, 65 percent of children will have jobs that do not exist yet. The job market is continuously evolving. What will become of work and the workplace in 5, 10, 50 years?

Watch a panel of forward-thinking experts as they give their opinions on what’s to come.


  • Kimberlea Kozachenko, Director of Customer Experience, ATB Financial
  • Aisling Teillard, CEO, Tandem
  • Mervyn Dinnen, Author of Exceptional Talent

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