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Fast-Forward Candidate Screening with Video Assessments

Did you know that quality candidates are on the market for approximately 10 days, but the average time to hire across all industries is 41 days? Talent teams today can’t afford to miss out on quality candidates… so how can you close the gap?

In order to qualify candidates faster and with confidence, Phenom Video Assessments is helping hiring teams accelerate and scale hiring, optimize collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers, and evaluate candidates more consistently.

A Deep Dive Into Phenom Video Assessments

Phenom Video Assessments is a one-way video interviewing tool that helps candidates deliver a great first impression, streamlines the screening process for recruiters, and saves time on the hiring manager’s end.

With this technology ingrained seamlessly into Phenom CRM, recruiters and hiring managers are able to access candidate information in the same place, screen best-fit talent first, showcase their employer brand through personalization, and gain valuable insights into conversion rates and candidate data using assessment analytics.

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At the same time, candidates experience a streamlined, convenient screening process with access to live support on mobile or desktop if needed. Submitting a video for a first (or second!) interview provides flexibility to the candidate, which means they no longer need to worry about requesting off at their current job or finding childcare — in turn boosting their view of your company.

Video Response Screen Capture

AI and automation also make this tool even more convenient to use. Hiring teams can automate invitations and reminders for candidates, shortening feedback loops for quicker alignment on job requirements and candidate evaluations.

Here are three key ways video can transform your hiring process:

1. Hire Faster with Confidence

Sixty percent of recruiters report that the majority of their time is spent screening for best-fit candidates — approximately 1,300 hours on phone calls per year!

We’ve worked to close this gap so that hiring teams can leverage video to accelerate hiring decisions and capture quality candidates before they disappear. Video Assessments allows recruiters and hiring managers to:

  • Screen more candidates in less time
  • Review candidates when convenient for them
  • Minimize the need for an initial phone screening
  • Better align on candidate fit and must-haves

AI and automation also make this tool even more convenient to use. Hiring teams can automate scheduling invitations and reminders for candidates, phone screenings, and email back-and-forth — ultimately speeding up time to hire, simplifying the experience for talent, and giving recruiters more time back in their day to focus on other important tasks.

Video Response Screen Capture

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2. Optimize Hiring Team Collaboration

Fifty-nine percent of recruiters report that it takes two or more days to receive feedback from hiring managers regarding a potential candidate. In order to reduce this time, candidate information from Video Assessments automatically syncs with Phenom Hiring Manager so that managers have access to the same information. This creates an organized and efficient way to screen and review potential candidates.

Video Assessments also enables hiring teams to boost collaboration by providing:

  • AI-based recommendations of candidates straight from the CRM, which allows for quick feedback and easy decision-making
  • Automation that allows them to screen best-fit talent first
  • Easy ways to share, compare, and reference the same video assessments — rather than relying on memory or notes — increasing turn around time on job offers

With features like these, candidate and assessment data flow between experiences, allowing recruiters and hiring managers to make consistently better — and faster — hiring decisions.

3. Evaluate Candidates Consistently

Sixty-nine percent of companies report that bad hires are a result of a broken interview process, and an organization is five times more likely to make a bad hire because they lack a consistent, standardized interview process.

Video Assessments provides a consistent, structured approach to interviewing, which leads to reduced recruiter bias and more confident decision-making. Talent is easily compared by hiring teams because every candidate receives the same number of questions with the same amount of time to answer them.

Video Assessments further adds consistency to the screening process by:

  • Inviting a broader range of candidates into your talent experience
  • Getting an authentic and comparable first impression from every candidate
  • Increasing your pipeline of screened candidates to improve diversity
Video Response Screen Capture

Screening candidates takes valuable time and resources. By adding Video Assessments to your hiring process, you can can cut back on that time, all while enhancing the experience for candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers alike.

To learn more, view our video assessments webinar on-demand!

Maggie Blehar

Maggie is a writer at Phenom, bringing you information on all things talent experience. In addition to writing, she enjoys traveling, painting, cooking, and spending time with her family and friends. 

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