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How to Choose the Best Recruitment Automation Software

One of a recruiter’s least favorite things? Trading emails or phone calls back and forth with a potential candidate for days, attempting to coordinate an interview time that works for them and the hiring team. Another? Sitting in meeting after meeting with hiring managers to screen candidates, and combing through interview notes to choose the best fit for the role.

These tasks, though important, take time. Time that recruiters and hiring teams could spend on nurturing candidates or other strategic activities, if only they had recruitment automation software to unburden them from these manual tasks.

Recruiting automation software is technology that allows recruiting teams to automate many repetitive and time-consuming parts of the process, ultimately saving them precious time that can be redirected elsewhere. It can also decrease both time to hire and cost to hire for the company and improve the candidate experience, leaving talent with a positive impression — even if they don’t get the job.

So, how do you decide which is the best recruitment automation software for your team.

Here’s what to look for:

1. Video assessments

Top candidates are on the market for approximately 10 days, but the average time to hire across all industries is 41 days. Talent teams can’t afford to miss out on quality candidates, and with recruiting automation software that lets recruiters get started with an easy, video-based screening tool, they won’t have to.

Using video assessments, candidates experience a streamlined, convenient screening process with access to live support if needed. Submitting a video for a first (or even second!) interview provides flexibility to the candidate as well — allowing candidates to share their authentic selves, leave a great first impression, and boost their view of your company.

This technology also enables hiring teams to accelerate and scale hiring and optimize collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers by accessing candidate information in the same place — while gaining insights into conversion rates and candidate data using assessment analytics.

Image of Phenom Video Assessments product

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2. Automated interview scheduling

Recruitment automation software with an AI-powered scheduling tool is a must have. This technology automates the scheduling process for candidates, recruiters, hiring managers, and anyone else involved in the recruitment process, immediately alleviating the back and forth between recruiters, candidates, and hiring managers. It does this by syncing hiring team calendars with candidate calendars to schedule (or even reschedule!) interviews automatically, as well as send reminders or follow-up messages to candidates.

AI scheduling tools save countless hours of time for recruiters and candidates, provide relevant communication — and therefore peace of mind — to candidates, help recruiters qualify candidates faster, and create an enhanced candidate experience that leaves a lasting impression on talent.

With Phenom AI scheduling, recruiters don’t lift a finger and candidates are always updated on what’s coming next in the process: a win-win for everyone involved.

To dive deeper into recruiting automation software and how these tools can work for you, check out our
Definitive Guide to AI Recruiting.

3. Pipeline and data tracking

When looking for best-fit talent, data is key. Recruiting automation tools that build pipeline and provide insights through data tracking tools help hiring teams find and engage quality candidates faster. A CRM should include this and more, helping recruiters easily identify top talent through fit scoring technology and dynamic lists.

With a CRM, recruiters can create talent pipelines with career site visitors (even those who don’t apply for a job) or candidates who didn’t fit open roles but have skills that may fit for future positions. This database of candidate information also helps hiring teams stay engaged with new or silver medal candidates, creating a pool of potential talent and eliminating time spent looking for that talent elsewhere.

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4. SMS and 1:1 Messaging

Last year, only 1% communicated the status of the application to the candidate using email, text, etc. beyond the initial email confirming submission. This is an extremely low figure for a practice that can easily be automated and greatly improves the candidate experience. This should be a must when choosing the best recruiting automation software for your team.

With SMS and 1:1 messaging capabilities, recruiters can send texts and emails to engage candidates in real-time, create keyword campaigns to grow their pipeline, chat via popular messaging apps, and keep candidates updated on the status of their application. Because this technology is housed all in one place, recruiters won’t miss any communication that comes in from candidates. It also saves time by allowing them to send messages to groups of candidates all at once to promote jobs or upcoming events — keeping talent engaged, pipelines full, and leads hot.

A commissioned Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) Study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Phenom found that a composite organization using the Phenom Intelligent Talent Experience platform to hire, develop, and retain talent achieved a 25% decrease in time to fill (or time to hire), 50% more efficient spending to attract talent, and saved 11 recruiter hours per week. This recruiting automation software includes the above listed features — and more — to help your hiring teams qualify candidates faster and with confidence.

Image of Phenom SMS product

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