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Phenom High-Volume Hiring Recognized For Business Impact Across Industries

With fewer recruiters and fewer candidates, more efficient high-volume hiring has become mission-critical across industries looking to solve critical staffing challenges. 

The good news? Companies can gain a competitive advantage by adopting a solution specifically designed for their industry. Phenom High-Volume Hiring takes candidates from “hello” to a hiring action in as little as 3 minutes by automating repetitive, manual workflows with intelligence — making job filling faster and more agile for job seekers, recruiters, and hiring managers.

The impact is real — and we’re thrilled to have been recognized by Brandon Hall Group for excellence in the tech that provides measurable business value to companies in Retail, Hospitality, Transportation, Healthcare, and Manufacturing industries that often struggle to efficiently hire at scale. Phenom High-Volume Hiring helps these industries, which are continually filling hundreds of business-critical positions at once, maintain the skills and workforce numbers to support production levels, supply chains, customer and patient services. 

Here’s where we shine, according to Brandon Hall Group:

  • Best Advance in AI for Business Impact

  • Best Advance in Technology for Readapting to the Workplace and Workplace Culture

  • Best Advance in Emerging Talent Management Technology

  • Best Advance in Candidate Experience Management Technology

  • Best Advance in AI and Machine Learning

Make High-Volume Job Filling Faster, Frictionless & Flexible 

As part of the Phenom Intelligent Talent Experience platform, Phenom’s volume hiring solution uses AI- and logic-based processes to ease hiring congestion as companies source, recruit, and retain hourly and frontline staff, including:

  • Customized workflow orchestration. Gives employers control to configure specific hiring journeys that collect need-to-know candidate information based on job categories, employer cost centers, seasonality, and more.

  • Hyper-personalized job recommendations. Displays results based on candidate information such as job search, location, qualifications, and shift preference.

  • Omnichannel candidate engagement. Allows candidates to engage with employers via the Phenom Career Site, Chatbot, or SMS. These “anytime, anyplace” communications are especially convenient for deskless or third-shift workers.

  • Video Assessments. Helps recruiters qualify candidates faster and with confidence using one-way video screening.

  • AI Scheduling. Empowers candidates to self-initiate scheduling 24/7 for one-on-one or group interviews, reducing time-consuming coordination.

  • Collaborative hiring manager participation. Allows on-site or remote managers to initiate and confirm candidate actions with less impact to daily business operation — even if they have limited direct access to corporate HR systems of record.

Here’s how it all works together in High-Volume Hiring: 

1. Leveraging smarter, faster candidate-to-job matching.

When candidates search for jobs via SMS, WhatsApp, or chatbot on a company’s career site, they can receive personalized job recommendations based on a fit score, which matches interests/qualifications with an employers’ high-priority roles.

Not only does this help candidates spend less time searching for the right job, it also gives them more time to focus on applying to roles that best match their skills and interests.

2. Automating manual, tedious workflows.

Once a candidate indicates their preference for a specific role or role-type, Phenom High-Volume Hiring automatically pushes them through a unique and abbreviated hiring workflow designed by the employer. Workflow paths can include queries on availability, shift preferences, certifications, or other pre-defined job requirements, which are delivered to the candidate without them ever having to leave their initial user experience (e.g., mobile or desktop view). By being able to go through the process in a consistent experience (such as chatbot or SMS), job seekers are more likely to complete the transition to becoming an applicant. With Phenom’s high-volume solution, employers are pushing this conversion rate up past 90%.

3. Accelerating screening and scheduling.

You’ve found a match — now what? Workflows driven by the chatbot, SMS, or WhatsApp in High-Volume Hiring can automatically present candidates with video assessments that are relevant to the job role. The workflows can also immediately display self-service options for scheduling 1:1 or 1:many interviews with recruiters and/or on-site hiring managers. This allows hiring managers to take an active, collaborative role in the feedback and hiring process, even when they are detached from corporate hiring systems of record — ultimately allowing early stages of candidate screening to be fast-tracked with limited recruiter intervention.

The Impact of Phenom High-Volume Hiring

Companies that have adopted Phenom’s high-volume hiring solution, which is differentiated by intelligence, automation and experience, are achieving dramatic results:

  • A leading retail chain hired 7,000 workers in two weeks by reducing time to hire from weeks to 8 hours

  • A major early education provider decreased time to apply to under 3 minutes

  • A mega quick-service restaurant chain boosted completed applications by nearly 500%

  • A nationwide convenience store chain met 132% more candidates online

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Why Quick Hiring Actions Matter

Employers that get bogged down in recruiting actions can face considerable hiring risks. Here’s where adding intelligent automation to high-volume hiring practices can help:

  • Decrease cost to hire. Improving recruiter efficiency allows HR teams to hire best-fit candidates faster, without continuously needing to invest in talent acquisition headcount. 

  • Reduce staffing loss to competitors. Providing a faster, more agile hiring experience than competitors can ensure employers can acquire quality candidates.

  • Improve recruiter productivity. Implementing intelligent automation will allow recruiters to swap manual, repetitive tasks with impactful, strategic work. 

  • Increase revenue flows. By improving hiring efficiencies, employers can fill open roles faster, return to standard operating hours, and retain best-fit employees. 

Boiling it All Down

Phenom High-Volume Hiring uses intelligent automation to eliminate or significantly reduce the need for recruiters to manually manage early stages of the hiring process — which is key when hiring by the hundreds or even thousands. Candidate experience is improved, workplaces can adapt bulk hiring for seasonal spikes, and most importantly, large talent pipelines can remain full and flowing.  

The combination of AI and automated workflows means greater efficiency for recruiters, increased candidate to applicant conversion, and faster time to offer for hourly and frontline roles that keep business moving.   

To see Phenom High-Volume Hiring in action, book a personalized demo.

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