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Phenom’s Hiring Manager: The Missing Link for Faster Hires

Hiring managers and recruiters have an essential relationship. But it’s typically riddled with disconnect, causing frustration for managers, recruiters, and candidates — not to mention lost time and decreased quality of hire.

With Phenom’s Hiring Manager, companies can support managers throughout the entire hiring process while facilitating teamwork, information sharing, and quick decision making for greater efficiency at scale… and a better experience to boot.

So how does it work? Get an in-depth look at the features and functionalities transforming how hiring managers and recruiters collaborate in this product feature session with Phenom’s Director of Product Management Kumar Ananthanarayana and product managers Brandon Bookatz and Jesus Latorre-Socas.

Watch the full session below, or read on to catch the highlights!

The Way Hiring Managers Work Matters

Some of the most common issues in the hiring process — candidates who aren’t a great fit, delayed decision making, scheduling headaches — stem from communication gaps between recruiters and hiring managers. And it's easy to see why.

Hiring managers and recruiters are busy. When you consider the demands associated with the hiring process, such as mapping job roles, configuring requirements, screening and reviewing candidates, interviewing and providing feedback… well, all that starts to sound like a full-time job in itself.

When these glitches interfere with collaboration between recruiters and managers, the experience takes a nose-dive for everyone involved — recruiters, managers, other team members, and candidates especially. The organization as a whole can be negatively impacted as well, Kumar pointed out, in terms of lost productivity and revenue.

Improved Collaboration for More Effective Hiring

Identifying communication gaps and tight schedules as root causes of common issues, Phenom knew we could develop a solution to simplify the entire process for hiring managers.

The result? Phenom’s Hiring Manager — a desktop and mobile-friendly app that streamlines tasks and enables fast, transparent communication. “We wanted to design bite-sized experiences and not have hiring managers take a lot of time learning new tools or processes,” Kumar said.

With Phenom Hiring Manager, managers can juggle their large to-do list while providing recruiters with valuable information to help them fill critical roles. This app allows managers to easily:

  • Visualize the entire talent pipeline
  • Evaluate video assessments
  • Review candidate profiles
  • Discover best-fit candidates with AI

And because the app syncs with the Phenom CRM, everyone — recruiters, managers, and other team members involved in the hiring process — can stay in the loop, with access to updates on candidate details, decision status, and feedback.

Downloadable Resource: The 2021 State of Recruiter & Hiring Manager Collaboration

Task Organization Speeds Action & Decision Making

Hiring Manager includes automation, centralized dashboards, and real-time notification functionality to remove complexity and inefficiencies from the process. “We're trying to make things as simple as we can for hiring managers… because we know that hiring is not their main job," Bookatz said.

With a simple login, managers can access a to-do page for each job in the CRM to which they’ve been assigned. The to-do page breaks the hiring process down into step-by-step actions, with alerts to prompt managers at each new step.

Candidate profile review. First, hiring managers review candidate profiles, with access to all relevant details already gathered along the process. Within Phenom Hiring Manager, they can also make shared notes at this stage that recruiters have access to for improved visibility.

“We're trying to make things as easy as possible for them to not only look at the basic details of the candidate profile, like their work history or their education but also to quickly access their LinkedIn or even review on-demand videos that the candidate may have completed through the interviewing process,” Bookatz said.

“All of this information that the hiring manager has access to is really there to help them get to a point where they can make a next-step decision on the candidate.”

Approvals. For each approved candidate, the tool automatically transmits all information, including notes from the manager, back to the recruiter. Next, to streamline the interview scheduling process, Hiring Manager is designed to integrate with Phenom AI-Scheduling to automate scheduling, rescheduling, and canceling candidate interviews.

Transparent evaluations. After interviewing, managers are prompted to complete a customized evaluation. Recruiters can also invite other team members to evaluate and share feedback on the candidate, which is important for assessing the candidate’s potential to be a good fit.

Candidate comparisons. The app then provides a comparison view of all top candidates, including fit score, on-demand video results, and interview evaluations to build confidence in final decisions.

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Essential Integrations for Fast Feedback & Improved Visibility

Through a partnership with Microsoft, we’ve taken the power of its common productivity tool Teams and created a notification framework within the Hiring Manager Dashboard for real-time notifications. This way, managers can receive instant alerts on any device, any time an action is required (e.g., candidate approval).

Microsoft Teams also enables the creation of a side panel view where team members can provide feedback during an interview or immediately afterward. It generates automatic notifications alerting the recruiter and interviewer when feedback is available to view.

With a powerful tool that transforms the hiring process from demanding to delightful, your hiring managers (and recruiters!) will be thanking you.

Take Your Team to a New Level

The relationship between hiring managers and recruiters is crucial. From finding potential candidates to providing timely feedback and scheduling interviews, this vital relationship can be riddled with communication issues that increase time to hire and cost the company money every day.

With Phenom Hiring Manager, managers can utilize increased visibility, feedback loops, review candidate profiles, and view the entire talent pipeline with ease — which leads to a harmonious relationship with recruiters and an efficient hiring process that keeps candidates moving forward.

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