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Phenom Named a Strategic Challenger in the 2022 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Talent & People Success

We’re thrilled to announce that Phenom was named a Strategic Challenger in Fosway’s 2022 9-Grid™ for Talent & People Success!

Across all industries, the strongest companies are the ones investing in employee growth. To upskill, develop, and evolve their people, organizations are turning to Phenom’s AI-powered talent marketplace to seamlessly connect talent with the right opportunities and drive retention.

Every year, Fosway — the #1 HR analyst in Europe — releases its 9-Grid™ for Talent & People Success to help organizations compare technology vendors and make more informed investments based on the solution’s Performance, Potential, Market Presence, Total Cost of Ownership, and Future Trajectory. According to the report, Phenom has proven its ability to provide a rich and broad set of capabilities that meet the needs of complex, global customers, more so than most other vendors.

This placement also complements our 2-year positioning as a Strategic Leader in the Fosway 9-Grid™ for Talent Acquisition, showcasing the end-to-end benefits of using the full Intelligent Talent Experience platform to hire faster, develop better, and retain longer.

2022 Fosway 9-Grid - Talent and People Success

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Why it Matters

As economic challenges and uncertainty rise across the globe — combined with larger shifts in the expectations of talent today — organizations are hard-pressed to hire quickly and strengthen retention. And these challenges are only expected to increase moving forward.

A few key market trends have emerged as a result, which Fosway says includes:

  • AI-driven talent experiences and solutions, particularly for employees that support engagement, development, and mobility within a company
  • A modern talent management approach that embraces agility, inclusivity, and intelligence
  • Integrations between HR technologies to support the larger ecosystem
  • Skills intelligence and gig- and project-based work to support employee development, while meeting needs of the business

To get ahead, employers are focusing on two primary areas of talent management: 1) improving employee experience through learning and development and career pathing within the organization, and 2) elevating skills and competencies intelligence across the entire workforce.

According to Fosway, 96% of HR professionals say they have support for improving employee experience from the C-suite. But only 25% of HR teams think their technology is fit for the modern workforce. As employers look to fill critical gaps across their HR tech ecosystem, Fosway’s latest 9-Grid™ serves to simplify the selection process.

The report, which positions Phenom in the Strategic Challenger zone, solidifies us as a vendor with a solution that will help companies meet demanding talent needs.

"The ability to identify skills and talent and connect them to current and future opportunities is becoming a game changer for organisations as they look to rapidly reskill employees," said David Wilson, CEO at Fosway Group. "Phenom continues to innovate in this space, turning data into actionable insights that help transform the employee experience."

What Sets Phenom Apart

The report also identifies several key solution trends that Phenom is already addressing within its Intelligent Talent Experience platform — which is helping over 500 global and diverse brands connect data, people, and interactions to deliver phenomenal moments with maximum efficiency.

With Phenom, organizations are evolving and retaining their people, while delivering amazing experiences with:

1. An AI-powered talent marketplace, which seamlessly connects talent with personalized opportunities based on skills, competencies, experience, interests, location, and career goals. The Phenom Talent Marketplace provides employees with:

  • Career Pathing: Help employees discover their next internal career move and the skills needed to get there.
  • Learning and Development: Educate internal talent with personalized courses to support upskilling and reskilling based on their projected career paths.
  • Mentoring: Empower and support employees throughout their career journey by connecting them with best-fit mentors.
  • Gigs: Provide real-world experience through short-term work and project-based tasks that allow employees to develop their skills.
  • Employee Resource Groups: Foster engagement, community, and a sense of belonging.
  • Referrals: Source talent faster, encouraging employees to share open roles with their personal and professional networks.

2. Workforce intelligence that empowers HR leaders to identify skill and competency gaps and insights at the enterprise level and within each department. Fosway predicts HR’s investments and strategies will be in the spotlight more than ever. To prove their impact, business intelligence will be critical. With Phenom, HR leaders will be able to not only illuminate and address these gaps in the business, but also align employee career paths with the industry and market direction to support retention and business growth.

3. Artificial intelligence and machine learning, which is essential to providing the personalized experiences talent expects today. Based on billions of data points collected over a decade of working with customers, Phenom leverages intelligence to bring hyper-personalization and accuracy throughout the entire journey for all — including candidates, employees, recruiters, managers, HR, and HRIS teams. The depth of our data and explainable approach to how AI works also ensures we can support employers through increasing global legislation around AI in HR tech.

4. Seamless integrations that support the entire HR tech ecosystem. With Phenom, HRIS teams can easily create a holistic tech infrastructure through integrations with a variety of third-party vendors, including ATS, HCM, performance management, job distribution, and LMS tools. Pre-configured automation and workflow templates make it possible to eliminate the time-consuming task of writing custom integrations.

Driving Employee Evolution for all Enterprises

The future of every organization depends on its ability to get hiring, development, and retention right — and Phenom is committed to supporting this talent evolution. That means continuously innovating and expanding our platform to ensure it’s meeting the needs of both employees and the business.

As companies navigate this pivotal time of transformation, those best positioned to thrive will be those who invest in the right intelligent tech that puts experience first.

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