You Can’t Grow What You Don’t Know with The Cigna Group, ChenMed & Jackson Health System

How can talent managers empower employees to grow if their workforce’s skills and career aspirations remain a mystery? They can’t — at least not at scale.

Understanding employee skills is a biggie. But so is the ability to illuminate and easily connect workers with relevant open roles and opportunities based on those skills, the business’s needs, and the employee’s goals.

It sparks a lot of important follow-up questions we wanted answers to:

How can skills intelligence help?

What’s automation’s role for managers and employees?

What’s the overlapping tech that can be used by both TM and TA teams?

We asked some of the most high-performing talent management teams for answers, and they gave us answers. Get first-hand insight from Amanda Day, VP Talent Acquisition at Cigna, Glen Goodman, Chief Talent Officer at ChenMed, and Michelle Kligman, Senior VP of HR and Chief Experience Officer at Jackson Health System, who shared their success advancing internal mobility, referrals, retention, and more.

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