Jenn ThomasJune 7, 2023
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Digitalized HR Processes Offer Distinct Hiring Edge for Electrolux Group

Facing a talent market shortage a few years ago, Electrolux Group — that staple brand many of us have associated with quality appliances our entire lives — made the decision to modernize their talent acquisition (TA) approach and employer brand to maintain a competitive hiring edge. Defined by continuous innovation, Electrolux's basic HR tools could no longer meet the level of business and skills they were managing. 

Their three main objectives?

  • Digitalize processes and elevate the experience for candidates, employees, recruiters, and hiring managers

  • Drive internal mobility

  • Reduce time and cost to hire while improving candidate quality

“We needed to digitalize processes and reduce siloes,” said Anja Ullrich, Global Talent Acquisition Director of Electrolux Group, which meant greater collaboration and sharing of candidate data across global teams was critical.

The Solution

Electrolux searched for a solution that would support their aspirations to continuously innovate  across both talent acquisition and management — particularly when it came to candidate engagement. The Phenom Intelligent Talent Experience platform’s self-service Career Site and Talent Marketplace capabilities, architecture, and functional integration with the Phenom CRM and their ATS was just what they were looking for. 

Additional complementary products and features of the platform they’re using to improve their efficiency and experience for all talent stakeholders include:

Get “the how” behind their product usage in the full case study!

The Results

“For the first time, Phenom has enabled us to engage with passive candidates in a structured and sustainable way,” Ullrich said. “It gives us the competitive advantage of having candidates ready to apply when a vacancy comes up.”

The result has been faster hiring and smarter engagement including:

  • 84% increase in application conversion rate

  • 51% decrease in incomplete applications

  • 9% decrease in time to hire

Being able to quickly screen candidates and schedule interviews has supercharged the hiring process and collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers, according to Ullrich. 

With automated Video Assessments, “The advantage for candidates was that they could showcase their potential at their own pace and time. Meanwhile, we saved 20% of the recruitment time and had closer collaboration with the hiring team … which led to securing the right candidate for the role,” she explained. 

AI Scheduling, meanwhile, has reduced the time a recruiter spends on scheduling from a minimum of 45 minutes to less than 10 minutes.

The hiring team’s feedback sums it up perfectly: “This was another level of hiring.”

Success stats and customer quote

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