Kasey LynchMarch 21, 2023
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How to Choose the Best Interview Scheduling Software

With a finite number of hours to work in a given day, repetitive tasks become more than just cumbersome. They’re time-consuming; slowing down how efficiently and effectively your recruiting team connects with top talent. 

However, there is one impactful solution that reduces repetitive tasks for recruiters: interview scheduling technology.

Interview scheduling tools allow recruiters and candidates to easily schedule or reschedule screening calls and interviews with various team members across the organization. But not all AI scheduling software is created equally. 

Here are 3 questions to consider when looking for the best interview scheduling software. 

1. Is the interview scheduling software powered by AI? 

AI-powered interview scheduling software is mission-critical when you’re looking to create more efficient hiring teams that can scale alongside your business. Interview scheduling tools powered by AI allow your teams to deliver more streamlined experiences for candidates and reduces time-consuming tasks for recruiters, interviewers, and hiring managers.

When engineered correctly, AI scheduling software makes it easy to: 

  • Eliminate calendar coordination for talent acquisition teams by automatically scheduling and rescheduling interviews depending on stakeholder availability

  • Increase acceptance rates from top talent by identifying them and scheduling interviews with them quickly

  • Impress candidates with a fast, efficient, and personalized interview process

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2. Does it integrate with a chatbot on your career site? 

One of the main reasons teams utilize AI scheduling software is to create efficiencies by eliminating manual tasks throughout the hiring process. To upgrade what your recruiters can do on a daily basis without increasing headcount, consider choosing an interview scheduling software that integrates with your chatbot. 

Using a conversational chatbot to connect with job seekers streamlines how quickly a candidate can be qualified and moved on to the next step in the hiring journey. It also allows talent to book the interview time that works best for them based on availability in the recruiter or hiring manager’s calendar. This feature alone removes roadblocks and repetitive emails about interview scheduling and rescheduling for every role that’s available. 

AI scheduling algorithms that integrate with chatbots can parse pertinent information about the candidate’s qualifications, accelerate the time to interview, and alleviate scheduling roadblocks that can be the difference between you filling a critical role and losing a best-fit candidate to your competition. 

3. Does it enable customization to account for various interview formats? 

Every interview process is different, which means the AI scheduling software needs to be flexible enough to “go with the flow”. 

For example, some interview processes are simple with a small number of 1-1 engagements. Others may have a larger number of stakeholders — perhaps requiring a panel interview before the candidate progresses onto the next step in the hiring process. 

In either case, the interview scheduling software should make it easy to preconfigure the interview workflow that is going to be carried out for any given role, making it simple to add the required stakeholders and letting the tool do the rest of the heavy lifting.

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