Sally HartnellJanuary 11, 2023
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How to Transform Recruiter Efficiency with AI, Automation, and Video

Between increasing talent demands, recruiter shortages, and uncertain economic and labor markets, employers are hard-pressed to forge ahead and fill open roles quickly. 

Reducing inefficiencies has become a priority for many talent acquisition teams looking to overcome these hiring challenges — and connect with best-fit talent before their competitors. 

It is becoming more clear how the use of AI, automation, and video technology can improve recruiter efficiency and overall talent acquisition processes — with tangible business outcomes to boot. 

To dig deeper, we analyzed a selection of customers using Phenom Video Assessments and Phenom AI Scheduling within our Intelligent Talent Experience platform — revealing the significant impact they’re experiencing by automating two of the most time-consuming and tedious aspects of recruiting.


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Fast-forward Candidate Screening with Phenom Video Assessments

Let’s start with the business impact experienced by three Phenom customers within the first year of using Video Assessments:

  • A major supermarket chain completed more than 24,000 video assessments, saving more than 4,000 hours for their recruiters.
  • A tech company completed more than 34,000 video assessments, saving over 5,000 recruiter hours
  • A major bank completed more than 14,000 video assessments, saving nearly 2,500 recruiter hours

According to a Talent Acquisition leader at a multinational investment bank and financial services company, the results have been transformational: 

“Our recruiters love the efficiency the tool provides — especially since it’s already integrated with all of their recruitment information and data. In less than 30 minutes, recruiters can request video assessments from a sizable chunk of their applicant base, and more than half successfully complete and upload it.”

What is Video Assessments and what does it do? 

Phenom Video Assessments is a one-way video tool that streamlines the screening process for recruiters, helps candidates deliver a great first impression, and saves time for hiring managers. Phenom customers are able to scale the screening process and get to know candidates on an entirely different level — all through the power of video. 

Phenom Video Assessments

Recruiters use Video Assessments to engage and evaluate candidates beyond written words, all within the Phenom CRM. Working in tandem with hiring managers, TA professionals establish the rationale and develop questions to ask in order to prioritize applicants aligned to job openings. Candidates are then given the opportunity to complete a video assessment during the screening stage of the hiring process, which can be done when it is most convenient for them. 

With Video Assessments, recruiters can also:

  • Leverage easy-to-use templates to create assessments — and invite candidates to participate through email or SMS 
  • Track assessment status by candidate, score assessment responses, and provide feedback
  • View all pending assessments in a single dashboard and share completed assessments with hiring managers for review

The Video Assessments tool is carefully woven into the Phenom Recruiter Experience, enabling recruiters and hiring managers to hire at scale in an organized and consistent way. Standardizing video screening improves the ability to make quality hires and also allows:

  • Recruiters to accelerate time to hire and fill roles faster with best-fit candidates by alleviating screening bottlenecks
  • Hiring managers to better align with recruiters and improve their ability to hire the right employee 
  • Candidates to have more control in the hiring process, put their best foot forward, and bring their authentic selves 

To learn more about leveraging video in your overall hiring strategy, check out these additional resources:

Automate Interview Scheduling with Phenom AI Scheduling

Phenom AI Scheduling is also making a tremendous impact, as experienced by three Phenom customers within their first year of using the tool:

  • A major manufacturing company saved 11,000 hours, with 61% of interviews booked in an hour and another 33% within one day
  • A major transportation company saved 22,350 hours, with 40% of interviews booked in an hour and 41% within one day
  • A major bank saved 9,500 hours, with 50% of interviews booked in an hour and 36% scheduled within one day

What is AI Scheduling and what does it do? 

Phenom AI Scheduling is a tool that automates the repetitive, time-consuming scheduling and rescheduling tasks associated with the interview process — ultimately empowering recruiters to be more efficient and strategic, while enabling organizations to hire top talent faster at lower cost. 

AI Scheduling also enhances the candidate experience with a fast, personalized hiring process, increases acceptance rates from top talent by identifying and scheduling them first, and improves speed and efficiency by keeping the scheduling process moving forward 24/7. 

Phenom AI Scheduling

Central to the power of AI Scheduling is the Calendar Assistant that uses a direct API to access your organization's email and calendar accounts. This integration allows AI Scheduling to automatically query organizational calendars to offer candidates time slots that are only open and available for members of the interview team. AI Scheduling even handles the communication process by sending templated email messages, responses, and reminders to everyone involved in the interview.

Additional functionalities include rescheduling and cancellation resolution, ensuring that interview teams are notified of any changes and proposed alternative time frames from the candidate — and vice versa. This creates a seamless, automatic, AI-powered interview scheduling experience accessible within the Phenom CRM.

Additional benefits of AI Scheduling include:

  • Increases in productivity and efficiency, giving TA leaders the ability to see the ROI when their teams are working on strategic initiatives and building better relationships with candidates
  • Faster connections with top talent, resulting from the tool identifying and scheduling interviews with the most qualified candidates 
  • A more personalized hiring and interview experience for candidates

To learn more about AI Scheduling, explore these resources:

By taking advantage of Video Assessments and AI Scheduling, you will be on your way to saving tremendous time, greatly improving efficiency in your recruiting efforts. The power of AI, automation, and video have a proven impact — and it doesn’t just stop at productivity gains such as those outlined above.  

A composite organization saw a 449% return on investment by using Phenom to hire, develop, and retain talent. Learn more about the ROI of Intelligent Talent Experience in the commissioned Total Economic Impact™ study published by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Phenom.

Our Intelligent Talent Experience platform helps recruiters become wildly productive — and we see it every day. You can too using AI, automation, and video to engage and hire phenomenal people.

To learn more about Video Assessments and AI Scheduling, join our upcoming workshop, The Secret of Supercharged Recruiting Teams on Feb. 28.

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