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Introducing Phenom High-Volume Hiring

Up to 30 hours of a recruiter’s week is spent focusing on administrative work instead of candidates. With talent scarce, competition fierce, and every moment spent sourcing job seekers important, recruiters need a way to free up their time to focus on the people part of their jobs.

We’re excited to announce a new solution — Phenom High-Volume Hiring — for organizations that need to hire large numbers of workers quickly and efficiently, while providing an exceptional experience for candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers. Using AI and omnichannel candidate connections via the Phenom Career Site, Chatbot, and SMS, qualified candidates move to recruiters in minutes instead of hours or days.

Our Product Director Adam Thompson shared how High-Volume Hiring makes job filling faster, frictionless, and flexible. Check out the video below, then read on to learn more!

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Why is high-volume hiring so critical right now?

It’s no longer just an HR challenge — it’s a business imperative — and there are several situations happening at once that are crushing HR teams. The time is absolutely right to tackle hiring at scale head-on, and here’s why:

  • Since the “Great Reshuffle,” there are more available jobs than there are individuals looking for work.
  • During the pandemic, recruiters were among the first teams to be let go, and now that same base of recruiters has been slow to rebuild. So, you have fewer recruiters trying to source and hire candidates for a larger number of roles. Right there is a set-up for failure.
  • Big employers of front line and hourly workers have anonymized hiring at scale to the point where they’re quickly scooping up job seekers while understaffed HR teams struggle. Time-to-offer has become a leading competitive advantage.

How can Phenom High-Volume Hiring get people hired in as little as three minutes?

Intelligent automation is at the center of it all, easing the application and hiring processes for candidates, recruiters, and managers. We do this by shifting early interactions into personalized, AI-led processes that qualify job seekers based on their specific interests, location, and basic qualifications.

High-Volume Hiring Screening Tool

Candidates then seamlessly progress to video-based Q&A and self-schedule an interview in the same place where they began their job search — and before a recruiter needs to get involved.

High-Volume Hiring Chatbot

The result is a smarter, seamless workflow that gets qualified talent to recruiters in as little as three minutes.

Which parts of the volume hiring process can be automated with Phenom?

For roles that are replicable, intelligent automation can help employers build workflows that are replicable as well. Using the Phenom Chatbot, SMS, and Career Site, recruiters can receive a short list of high-priority roles for job seekers.

From there, they can build standard profile collection questions, verify qualifications, and drive best-fit candidates forward. Since hiring flows can be customized by specific roles, skills, location, or industry, employers can move large numbers of candidates through their initial hiring practices much more efficiently.

Does that remove reviews by recruiters and hiring managers?

No, it simply moves the high-touch recruiter interaction toward the latter stages of the application process — allowing them to focus on personally engaging with qualified candidates and converting them to active applicants.

If an employer has video assessments or interviews as part of their application process, those actions can be initiated directly by candidates. To make it even easier, video assessments and interview scheduling happens directly within a chat session, so no additional app or browser is needed.

Once everything is complete, notifications are sent to recruiters and hiring managers who can take next steps and track job seekers throughout all stages of hiring.

“With the release of High-Volume Hiring, Phenom is customizing recruiting workflows for hiring managers as well as talent teams, removing inefficiencies often found when traditional processes are applied to hiring at scale. Filling front line, hourly, and professional positions as quickly as possible is no longer an HR mission, but a business imperative.” - Matthew Merker, Research Manager, Talent Acquisition and Strategy, IDC

Why is it necessary to add a separate process specifically for handling high-volume roles?

Having differentiated hiring patterns for front line or hourly candidates should be considered an investment. Making volume hiring more efficient also makes hiring for knowledge workers and professional roles more efficient by allocating recruiter priorities.

Streamlined application and confirmation processes for hourly workers are also in line with their application expectations. They search for jobs differently and they have a widely different apply experience.

For example, is a retail or fast-food worker an “associate,” a “team member,” or part of a “crew”? Can lengthy applications be easily completed on mobile devices? These issues often tie up hiring cycles and lengthen the time that recruiters need to move all open roles forward, which is why specific hiring patterns are important for different groups of candidates.

What else should employers consider for their high-volume hiring needs?

One of the biggest things companies should think about: the consequences of not taking action to improve high-volume hiring efficiency:

  • Increased cost-to-hire: Companies who fail to take “noise” out of their hiring process will need to invest more in HR and talent headcount who continue working at inefficient tasks — increasing the overall cost-to-hire without increasing the volume or quality of candidates brought on board.
  • Competitive losses: Hiring processes that take longer lose otherwise qualified candidates who choose opportunities with faster job offers.
  • Decreased recruiter productivity: As the volume of requisitions and candidates increase, recruiters become bogged down in administrative tasks.
  • Financial consequences: Businesses are forced to cut operating hours due to staffing shortages. Alternatively, businesses are forced to significantly increase pay and benefits packages. This puts new hires at a compensation advantage and can also affect compensation models for existing employees.

Don’t get caught short on staff with volume hiring that can’t keep up with your staffing needs. Use Phenom High-Volume Hiring to reduce administrative processes with automation, freeing up your recruiters to spend time on what matters most: their candidates.

Book a personalized demo of High-Volume Hiring today.

Want to dive deeper? Join Adam for a live SHRM-accredited webinar on June 15 at 1pm ET to see High-Volume Hiring in action.

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