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Constant evolution and innovation are essential to gaining a competitive edge in the tech industry. And with that comes the need to have robust talent pipelines. Powered by AI, the Phenom Talent Experience Management platform enables tech companies to future-proof their talent strategy, discover best-fit candidates faster, and elevate their employer brand.

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Accelerate with AI

Discover top talent based on the defined criteria for a role, streamlining the sourcing process. Plus, deliver hyper-personalized candidate experiences that helps job seekers find the best fit faster.

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Eliminate Bias

Every career site is WCAG 2.0 compliant and accessible to all candidates. Plus, Phenom AI helps remove bias in the candidate journey by focusing on skills and experience.

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Showcase your brand

Easily launch and maintain a career site that highlights your company culture. Phenom Career Sites come with out-of-the-box drag-and-drop widgets that make it easy to build and edit a career site that accurately reflects your employer brand.

Proof by the numbers


more job seekers became leads after engaging with Phenom Bot


increase in completed applications among software developers 


new career site visitors after implementing Phenom TXM

Key Phenom features

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Career Site & CRM

Deliver hyper-personalized candidate experiences and job recommendations on a career site that highlights your unique company culture. Plus, leverage AI insights to discover and rediscover best-fit job candidates.


Automate sourcing, screening, and answering FAQs with a conversational chatbot that interacts with candidates 24/7.

SMS campaigns


Showcase your employer brand while nurturing candidates to apply to best-fit positions using email and SMS messaging.

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"The Phenom TXM platform allows me to campaign to candidates who never completed an application. You can't put a price tag on that."


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