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How to Hire Frontline Workers Faster with Intelligent Automation

Hiring frontline workers has drastically changed.

Instead of solely focusing on speed, cost per hire, or skills matching, organizations have to find the right balance that allows them to attract and convert quality hires at a faster rate.

To keep up in this new and more challenging market, companies must move away from the old, outdated way of recruiting that included issues like:

  • Process inefficiencies
  • A poor candidate experience
  • Blind marketing
  • Hiring bias
  • Resource heavy hiring

To flourish in this difficult market, businesses have to adjust. That’s where intelligent automation comes in.

Phenom created intelligent automation in response to the challenges COVID exposed in hiring frontline workers. The goal: to significantly reduce the amount of work recruiters must do when hiring frontline workers and increase their speed and efficiency. And ultimately, to help companies hire faster and better.

At Phenom AI Day, we shared how our intelligent automation can help recruiters more quickly hire frontline workers. Keep reading to catch the highlights or stream the entire session on demand below.

What is intelligent automation?

Intelligent automation is a process that’s used to automate tedious, time-consuming tasks that don’t require human intervention. It’s a way to quickly find candidates, saving time and money.

One thing to note: It is not a replacement for recruiters or hiring teams. Rather, AI and automation take on tasks that free up recruiters to work on more strategic activities, such as engaging with candidates in more meaningful, personal ways and better advising hiring managers.

Why you should create a strategy for intelligent automation — before launching it

Companies typically use automation for backend experiences. But intelligent automation can also be used on the front end to reinvent candidate experiences— creating a streamlined experience without a clunky job search or application process.

That’s why it’s important to hone your automation by creating a strategy and roadmap to ensure it’s seamless for candidates. We won’t dive deeply into how to build your intelligent automation strategy, but here are a few elements to consider:

  • Identify automation leaders. Who will be in charge of your strategy?
  • Implement automation initiatives. What automation strategies will you implement?
  • Drive employee trust and belonging. How will you effectively communicate this process change to employees?
  • Drive enterprise data and skill development. How will you collect data and develop skills around intelligent automation?
  • Experiment at scale. What will you do to test intelligent automation on a smaller scale to fix issues before rolling it out more broadly?

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Scale frontline worker hiring with Phenom’s intelligent automation

Phenom’s intelligent automation saves time, improves hiring effectiveness, and boosts scalability by taking over tedious, time-consuming tasks throughout the hiring process.

Here are ways recruiters can leverage it in their day-to-day:

1. Automate job-to-candidate matching

Instead of digging through a database of resumes, your recruiters can spend more time connecting with candidates.

Phenom AI Discovery automatically finds the right candidates for any job by matching resume skills, experience, previous job titles, and location to the job listing requirements.

It then provides a dynamic Fit Score for each candidate to help recruiters and sourcers quickly identify and sort the top candidates.

2. Engage passive talent

When you launch Phenom Chatbot — which is powered by conversational AI — you can connect with job seekers 24/7 right on your website.

The chatbot provides two main benefits: it helps candidates get hyper-personalized job recommendations and experiences, and gives recruiters more time to build meaningful relationships by automating manual tasks like sourcing, screening, scheduling, and answering candidate FAQs.

In particular, it automates job discovery for candidates, applicant profile creation, and lead generation for your company — three critical but time-consuming tasks.

3. Accelerate interview scheduling

Phenom’s intelligent automation eliminates the redundant back-and-forth communication typically required to schedule an interview with candidates and hiring teams.

Using AI and automation, hiring managers and recruiters can simply select interview times when they’re available. Candidates will then see those available times and be able to select then book a time for their interview — all on their own. This streamlined process frees up valuable time for candidates, recruiters, and hiring teams alike.

4. Streamline candidate video assessments

To create a replicable and efficient hiring process, you can also streamline candidate screening with automated video assessments.

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Here’s how it works: Your recruiters or hiring managers create and share an on-demand video assessment with candidates. This assessment includes questions for the candidate to answer.

Recruiters and hiring managers can set a time limit by which candidates must respond, and give candidates multiple attempts to answer the questions, if desired.

Candidates share all of their responses on video, allowing you to see them respond “in person.”

Video assessments provide a quick and easy way to get an initial evaluation of candidates and weed out candidates that aren’t a good fit.

Manage robust email campaigns to engage candidates

Instead of repeatedly emailing key information about your company and roles to candidates, recruiters can create email campaigns that send this key information over and over — automatically.

You can segment these emails to send only the information that matters to individual candidates, like:

  • Unique benefits and job perks
  • Company culture information
  • Upcoming hiring events
  • Relevant job openings and listings

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A real-life example: How intelligent automation sped up early-talent hiring for Phenom

To see an example in action, we’ll show you how Phenom used intelligent automation to optimize our own early-talent hiring, at scale.

Early-talent hiring is very important for our company. But we faced a challenge: From a huge pool of candidates graduating from college, how do we source and interview at scale to quickly hire as many good fit candidates as possible in a limited time?

Here’s how:

Step 1: Set up our automation flows

This flow included video assessments, curated testimonial videos from current employees, and even content recommendations — all automatically distributed to candidates at the right time.

Step 2: Trigger the automation flow

Once triggered, it began publishing and promoting our job listings automatically to the places we chose, including:

  • Job boards
  • Social media
  • Email marketing

This marketing push builds a candidate pool for the next step.

Step 3: Leverage intelligent automation to screen candidates

The screening automation then determines best-fit candidates from the pool by cross-referencing the job listing to the resumes and using artificial intelligence. It then applies a fit score to each candidate.

The fit score allows our recruiters to select candidates for interviews at a glance.

Step 4: Schedule interviews using AI and automation

No need for back-and-forth emails. Phenom’s automation finds interview times that work for everybody.

Step 5: Review assessment reports automatically created by intelligent automation

After we finish interviews, our intelligent automation sends assessment reports to interviewed candidates automatically.

This five-step workflow allows our team to automate a great deal of the work involved in early-career hiring and quickly hire college graduates, at scale. You could use a very similar process to scale hiring of frontline workers as well!

Automate your frontline worker hiring process with Phenom

Phenom AI drastically reduces laborious work for recruiters, creating a more efficient and effective process that allows your team to engage and convert talent faster.

With AI and automation, recruiters can spend more time creating meaningful connections with potential candidates that can turn into future employees — and even brand ambassadors.

To see Phenom AI in action for volume hiring, book a demo with our team today.

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