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Armed with Data: How Life Time Hires with Agility & Efficiency

Agility. Efficiency. Endurance. It’s what’s separating the best talent acquisition teams from the rest. But how are they able to consistently hire quality candidates under the pressure of today’s unpredictable, tight labor market?

AI, automation, and data — lots of it.

For Mick Joneja, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition of premier health club provider Life Time, the secret to keeping his team ahead of the competition is anticipating staffing needs and adjusting recruitment activities with AI-powered talent analytics.

View all of his insights in the video below, or read on to catch key takeaways!

Analytics to Anticipate Future Hiring Needs

Life Time, which operates more than 150 athletic resort destinations across the U.S. and Canada, experienced the impact of the pandemic firsthand on its clubs, members, and employees. As they started reopening clubs, it was imperative that Joneja and the TA team analyze and automate their hiring processes.

But with a significant number of part-time employees and consistently changing business needs, Life Time wasn’t able to rely on traditional forecasting technologies, Joneja said.

Instead, his team uses Phenom’s intelligent talent analytics to predict staffing needs and determine how to build their applicant pool today for hiring tomorrow. “What we love about Phenom analytics is how we can track, monitor, and adjust our talent strategies,” Joneja revealed. “The reporting is intuitive and helps us problem solve, as well as celebrate successes and progress.”

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Creating a Comprehensive Hiring Forecast

Joneja relies on Phenom’s funnel analytics, which reveal candidate conversion along every step in the hiring process, from career site visits to the point of hire. With insight to help understand and predict hiring gaps — as well as how many applicants will be needed to fill open reqs — his team gains a comfortable head start on focused recruitment activities.

“The data is so beneficial, because it helps us identify areas of higher drop rates, and problem solve to increase overall conversion of the career site, from site visitors all the way through to hire,” Joneja said.

Armed with data on Life Time’s application-to-hiring ratio, Joneja can then create a general company forecast for staffing needs a month in advance. “We take our current company average headcount, make turnover projections based on current trends, and then add in new needs we have to create a comprehensive total hiring forecast [for the following month].”

Essential hiring funnel reports. Phenom’s hiring funnel reports help recruiters and TA leaders better understand how candidates are moving through the hiring process. Key data points include:

  • How many career site visitors convert to job viewers?
  • How many viewers turn into applicants?
  • How many applicants are hired?

By comparing that information and anticipated hiring needs against the projected monthly applicant flow, Joneja can determine whether the team’s on track – and plan ahead for potential deficits.

Through this approach, the TA team gains a six-week head start on filling the top of the funnel, Joneja noted. Then they can proactively implement campaigns, use external marketing tactics, and collaborate with hiring managers on referrals and other recruitment marketing efforts to drive hires.

The same process allows the team to dig deeper into career site subcategories. Knowing in advance which areas of the business projected staffing gaps are coming from enables them to proactively plan campaigns that target best-fit candidates.

“With so much unknown in the near future, it’s critical to stay close to current traffic and trends,” remarked Joneja. And that’s why it’s so beneficial to have resources like this to help us prepare for unplanned changes in this new volatile and unprecedented market.”

Enhancing the Candidate Experience with Data

While Life Time already has an outstanding employer brand, the TA team has been able to reinforce its stellar reputation with job seekers through its engaging career site — complete with video testimonials, chatbot, and hiring events. A major piece of their strategy? Detailed performance analytics that uncover visitor engagement trends for each page of the site.

“We can see every landing page performance, not only side by side but also against the total career site average,” Joneja revealed. Valuable metrics that the team frequently turns to include:

  • Total views
  • Time spent on each page
  • Total visitors who exit the career site from a specific page
  • Bounce rates

Using this information, the team is able to strategically update content to increase performance with their content management system (CMS). Case in point? Committed to driving better candidate engagement among stylists and massage therapists, the team made over its salon and spa subpage with a razor-sharp focus on audience preferences for this high-demand talent segment.

They populated the subpage with content highlighting the most important employee value propositions for this market: benefits, compensation, and career growth opportunities. In addition, they included personal email addresses of recruiters and director-level LifeSpa staff throughout their recruitment marketing campaigns. Stylists and massage therapists are typically passive candidates who prefer a warm introduction over a cold apply, explained Joneja.

The revitalized approach cut bounce rates in half and doubled the amount of time visitors spend on the page. “It’s really helped us to find passive leads we never would have found before — and now we can target them through Phenom’s passive leads campaigns,” he noted.

Shaping a Strong Future

As Life Time continues to differentiate itself as a premier employer of choice, they’re continually expanding their use of Phenom’s talent experience management (TXM) platform to provide a superior experience for candidates, recruiters, employees, and managers. The results of a recent brand refresh are now evident across their updated career site which includes an engaging, authentic look at their diversity and inclusion — complete with impactful video testimonials from employees across the company.

“We’re excited to watch engagement analytics jump as we create a better, more inclusive and personalized candidate experience,” said Joneja. We're excited, too.

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