10 Talent Acquisition Resolutions for 2021

Derek Herman

Now that the anticipation and excitement of the new year is over, let’s recap our 10 talent acquisition resolutions so all recruiting departments and hiring managers can begin 2021 on the right foot.


1. Track recruitment KPIs today so you can set measurable goals for the future.

Time to hire, applicants per hire, application completion rate, and cost per hire are all metrics every good recruiter keeps in mind so that they prove their ROI.

Track recruitment KPIs as part of your talent acquisition resolution

Recruiters need to be evaluated by more than just the number of hires they bring on. If you can tie your value back to the financial ROI of the organization, you’re going to improve your strategy and feel the push to perform. Time costs money so a recruiter who efficiently sources a hire that stays at the company, makes a stronger recruiter than one who’s focused on sheer volume.


2. Build up employer brand by partnering with your internal marketing team.

Employer brand is incredibly important to grow the employee base with people who align with your vision and mission. When the employer brand is established and solid, the applications will come pouring in providing phenomenal talent who turn into lifelong workers.


The key to a stellar employer brand is by partnering HR and marketing so as to optimize the attraction of the right applicants.


3. Don’t forget your “silver medal” candidates and keep those relationships open for future opportunities.

Candidates who don’t make the first cut are not a lost cause, yet so many recruiters are quick to move on to other opportunities and never reengage with the “silver medalists”. These job seekers are just as valuable as the rest of your candidate pipeline. Connect with them on LinkedIn and keep the lines of communication open.


4. Diversify your candidate pipeline with unbiased job descriptions and recruiting practices.

Different genders and ethnicities bring a variety of skillsets to departments. Don’t lose an entire demographic of people off the bat with biased content. If there’s a pattern of attracting only women aged 22-32 or only men aged 30-35, it’s time to take another look at your recruitment strategy.


Job descriptions and employer brand are strong indicators of who will apply to your roles. Make sure all content is unbiased and revisit resolution #2 by roping in the marketing team to compose great content that appeals to everyone.


5. Treat the employee experience like the candidate experience in order to retain your talent.

Attraction AND retention must be high on the priority list. If the only focus is on getting career site traffic to jobs postings, you’re losing half the battle.


Talent acquisition teams and HR professionals often fall short on putting energy into the employee experience. New hires envision themselves at the company long-term, but only if they feel valued, challenged, and compensated well. Apply the same candidate experience ideology to your employee experience.

Treat employees like candidates as part of your talent acquisition resolution

6. Champion internal mobility and focus on the talent you already have.

As the headhunter, you search LinkedIn, collect resumes from job boards, and reply to candidates’ emails. But most likely, you’ve forgotten to walk down the hall to Sally’s department and ask her if she has anyone in mind worthy and ready for a promotion or movement suitable for the role your filling.


Leverage the hard-working experts around you while looking outside the company. Your colleagues are strong professionals who already have knowledge of the company culture and industry. Plus, the internal candidates’ references are people you can trust because you work with them.

7. End insecure hiring habits by employing a candidate who may have stronger skills than you.

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Do not fault someone for their skills because you’re fearful they’ll outshine you. Be confident in your superpowers and never shy away from asking for help. Besides, sourcing a strong candidate will make you look good! Take credit for them.


8. Implement technology that removes repetitive admin work so you can focus on recruiting.

The definition of recruiting is to enroll someone in an organization for a cause. As a recruiter, this is your job along with all the monotonous work that comes with it. But we live in the age where automation tools can handle the bulk of the administrative workload.


Investing in technology that frees you up to focus on getting the right talent in the door will give you a massive return.


9. Improve every stage of the candidate’s lifecycle with consistent communication.

Miscommunication is normal and to be expected. But when communication is nonexistent, that’s when problems really arise.

Communicating is always a great practice in talent acquisition resolutions.

Sourcing and screening candidates requires a lot of alignment so that both parties are in agreement with the final end result. Let them know you appreciate their application. Answer their follow-ups when they inquire about its status. If you bring them in for an interview, tell them what they should expect and your process afterward. If the decision is that they are not chosen for hire, say so and why but that you do appreciate their time and to look out for future roles. Stay in touch long after the process. This is where LinkedIn is a fantastic resource.


When in doubt, over communicate and ask for clarification. It never hurts.


10. Increase conversion rates with AI-driven technology that sources best-fit candidates to your jobs.

Artificial intelligence is here to stay. Take advantage of it. It’s a surefire resource to give you the crème de la crème of talent who aren’t only looking for a job but mark off on all the requirements you need.


Talent Relationship Marketing platforms are one of those AI-driven solutions that hand deliver engaged candidates right to your desktop.


Do your research and implement a platform that boosts up your recruitment strategies for 2021!


New beginnings are important. As humans, we are creatures of habit and fall into routine. Next thing we know, we lean on the “this is the way we’ve always done it” crutch to justify our process. Take a fresh look at your hiring practices and identify areas where you should instill these resolutions.