5 examples of awesome employer brands

Kristina Finseth

A good employer brand focuses on: potential success, reference groups, “product" features, and word-of-mouth among other things. Research has found that only about 51% of companies have a working employer brand strategy in place. We did a little research on some employer brands who showcase their brands well and gain great recognition and success by doing so.

Google - Do cool things that matter.

Who doesn’t want to work at Google? Google’s employee perks are known all over the web as well as their famed campus style workspace. Their “work hard, play hard” environment is one to inspire and incorporate into your organization. Create a company that people want to work for. Many companies offer lots of benefits to their employees that they highly value so this is something you should definitely show off!

Visit Google's career site here.

Starbucks - Opportunity to be more than an employee.

Starbucks does a really good job of building its brand through its employees. Starbucks has a @StarbucksJobs Instagram and Twitter account that they use specifically to promote their employer brand and interact with potential candidates. They use the hashtag: #sbuxjobschat to encourage people to contribute feedback and they also regularly post links to their LinkedIn and other social media pages for easy access to resources. They refer to their employees as partners and with that title, they take pride in the brand that they work for.

Creating a unique community for employees is not something new to the jobs industry, but what you can learn from Starbucks is that by creating conversations online through various social media platforms with current employees and potential candidates you can learn about what inspires people in their jobs and also what kinds of things people are looking for in potential jobs at your company. Starbucks also has a Jobs Playlist you can view via their Youtube Channel

Visit Starbucks' career site here.


Lululemon Athletica- It’s not a job, it’s a journey.

Lululemon, like Google, have positioned themselves as a very desirable employer to work for. Their careers page features catchy headlines like: ‘Teams that sweat together, work together,” and photos of happy employees working together and inspiring others. Lululemon extends their efforts through various social media efforts and with various campaigns: #ThisIsLululemonLife and #JobLove. Lululemon is becoming more and more of a lifestyle brand and their employer brand is also reflecting a similar shift. Having a good brand within the market is important, which is why it is dually important that your employer brand be reflective of this.

Visit Lululemon Athletica's career site here.


Southwest- Welcome onboard the flight of your life.

When first logging on to Southwest’s career page they start off by explaining that they care about their employees just as much as they care about their customers. Southwest’s purpose is at the heart of everything they do. They outline their purpose as well as their vision in an engaging and inspiring video on the home page of their career site. They talk about their vision of becoming the most loved, most flown and most profitable airline, but how it would all not be possible without you.

In a candidates’ world, people are looking for a job where they can have an impact so this video speaks directly to future candidates and allows them to envision themselves in an opportunity at Southwest. Southwest’s Workperks including free travel privileges, casual dress code as well as medical and retirement benefits are also included right up front on the homepage of the career site. What you can learn from Southwest’s career site homepage is that their messaging is all aligned so that candidates fully understand what you want them to know about your brand.

Visit Southwest's career site here.


Cisco- Change the world. Pursue your dreams. Find your passion.

Cisco’s careers page does a good job of providing and organizing resources for potential candidates to explore and also share on various social media platforms. Their hot jobs sections allow candidates to discover and browse hot job opportunities currently available at Cisco. Cisco’s videos show how engineers are paving the way for a smarter future at Cisco and also of people talking about their unique experiences working at Cisco. Through the use of employees within videos on their career site, Cisco’s brand and passions are clearly personified in a unique and engaging format. -Advanced searching options that are personalized to your unique data points such as location, skills, age and experience.

Visit Cisco's career site here.


These 5 awesome employer brands have one thing in common, they have a great brand that consumers and potential talent can connect with. 10 years ago employer branding was a nice to have, since then it has become a strategic imperative. Take note from companies like Google, Starbucks, Lululemon, Southwest and Cisco to create a successful employer brand that goes beyond recruitment.