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Phenom Talent Experience Platform Named a 2022 CODiE Awards Finalist for Best Artificial Intelligence Driven Technology Solution

We’re excited to announce that the Phenom Talent Experience Management (TXM) platform has been named an SIIA CODiE Awards finalist for Best Artificial Intelligence Driven Technology Solution.

Finalists under this category are recognized for delivering “the best native artificial intelligence, machine or deep learning solution, platform or product that learns, performs and excels at specific automated tasks.”

The CODiEs are a premier and peer-reviewed awards program for software and information industries. Designed to highlight organizations that offer business and education technology’s finest products and services, the assigned panel of industry experts and judges review thousands of products, services, and solutions that have been recognized for achieving excellence across 43 business categories.

“The 2022 CODiE Award finalists highlight the products and people who drove their industries forward through innovative products and leadership in these uncertain times,” said SIIA President Jeff Joseph.

“These honorees continue the proud tradition of CODiE Award finalists of recognizing the most impactful products, services and leaders of their time, setting a foundation for the next generation of innovators. Congratulations to all who received this well-earned acknowledgment.”

Finalist Feedback from Industry Experts

During the evaluation of Phenom TXM, 2022 CODiE Award Judge’s noted how our AI-powered platform quickly refines search results, generates key insights and fit scores, and enables HR professionals to identify candidates while improving recruiter and manager productivity.

“Phenom Talent Experience platform is a comprehensive, personalized, and futuristic platform which caters to job seekers, recruiters, managers, and the company’s needs as a one-stop-shop [solution],” said a 2022 CODiE Award Judge.

Further remarks were provided by the 2022 CODiE Award Judges surrounding the platform’s support for human-in-the loop feedback and framework for continuous improvement. It affords recruiters the ability to customize candidate fit selection by providing “feedback or tweaking to skill sets generated by AI.”

Innovative and Intuitive Solutions for HR Teams

Powered by AI, the Phenom platform helps candidates find the right job, recruiters discover top talent, employees grow and evolve, and managers build teams faster. Trusted by 500+ global brands, Phenom TXM offers innovative solutions for key experiences in the modern talent lifecycle.

Behind the Scenes of Phenom AI

The best AI is so good, you don’t realize it’s there.

You may not notice it, but AI works behind the scenes to deliver personalized experiences tailored to user preferences and needs. This is how Phenom AI has been engineered to function since its inception over a decade ago.

Phenom's system of intelligence exists at the core of the TXM platform that’s built upon a vast network of data, contextual industry models, and deep learning to deliver hyper-personalization and automation throughout the talent lifecycle. AI and machine learning (ML) power all of the experiences Phenom offers candidates, employees, recruiters and managers, such as personalization, recommendations, semantic search, and insights.

Resource: The Best of Phenom AI Day

But this only works if you have the data — and what differentiates Phenom AI is its immense data network, which is powered by the observations of over 1.1 billion candidates, 1.2 million companies, 50 industries, and 400 million job openings across 12 million locations. We take these big data sets and use AI and machine learning to distill meaningful insights and automated actions. The more data we collect, the more we refine our AI.

By leveraging this massive data network, Phenom AI cuts down on repetitive tasks to help streamline the hiring process, offer personalized experiences, support dynamic career pathing, and improve visibility at every step of the acquisition process and talent journey.

Throughout the Phenom TXM platform, AI is woven into each experience to deliver quick insights and recommendations — creating a truly personalized environment for every user. (To take a look under the hood of our artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation capabilities, watch Phenom AI Day on demand below!)

Here’s how AI specifically supports each experience within the Phenom platform:

Candidate Experience: Connecting the right candidate to the right job

  • Personalized career sites help attract job seekers with engaging employer brand content and AI-driven job recommendations based on relevant skills, years of experience, and geographic location. By recommending relevant content and open positions on your career site, job seekers can quickly transition from a passive lead into an engaged applicant.
  • Conversational chatbots improve job seeker engagement, and when displayed in conjunction with a personalized career site, make it possible for relevant content to dynamically update alongside the conversation. This is how the AI connects talent to open positions faster. Chatbots also empower your recruiters to spend less time doing repetitive administrative work, and increase pipeline even after standard business hours, acting as personal assistants that enable your team to focus on what matters most — connecting with best-fit candidates.
  • University recruiting and virtual events allow companies to expand the talent pipeline with in-person and virtual recruiting events while unlocking insights that identify which events drove ROI and quality candidates. Using AI-driven event modules, your team can capture attendee data, immediately import it in your CRM, and trigger a nurturing email campaign to stay in touch with potential candidates, even if they’re not ready to apply yet.

Recruiter Experience: Discovering and engaging top talent faster

  • Talent CRM enhances productivity by delivering dynamic lists, actionable insights, and fit scores that help recruiters gain more visibility into new and existing job seekers, regardless if they’ve submitted an application or not. Supported by AI and comprehensive talent analytics, recruiters can leverage the Talent CRM to build the talent pipeline, engage with best-fit candidates — and silver medal candidates — and track where existing talent is in the hiring journey.
  • AI Insights allow recruiters to accelerate candidate discovery so your team can fill critical roles, faster. Phenom AI powers numerous insights including job performance alerts, dynamic fit scores that illuminate best-fit candidates for available roles, and candidate discovery — which helps recruiters identify potential talent rapidly and at scale.
  • AI Scheduling frees recruiters from manual screening and scheduling tasks so your team can engage and convert the right talent quicker and at a lower cost. Efficiency, engagement, and automation through AI Scheduling enables recruiters to be more strategic in their roles.

Employee Experience: Evolving talent and improving retention

  • Talent Marketplace helps elevate your best source of talent: your employees! Encourage employee learning and development by recommending open internal positions and providing guidance as to which roles may be a good fit. With improved visibility, you can invest in existing talent while planning for future role fulfillment.
  • Career Pathing allows employers to invest in existing talent by offering skills gap analysis, fit scoring for future available positions, and recommended trainings to help employees take the next step in their careers. Through Phenom Career Pathing, employers can drive internal engagement, boost employee retention, and develop top talent.
  • Gigs create new opportunities for employees to explore new skills within the organization that can help them on their career path. The internal talent marketplace enables managers to create and post listings for short-term work while Phenom AI powers recommended gigs to employees based on skills fit to help upskill, reskill, and mobilize internal talent.

Manager Experience: Building better teams, with insight

  • Hiring Manager gives busy managers the tools they need to reduce feedback loops and streamline recruiter collaboration for more efficient hiring. From reviewing candidates’ AI-powered fit scores, to managing interviews and evaluating video assessments, Hiring Manager alleviates common pain points managers experience throughout the hiring process by enabling prioritization and efficiency.
  • Talent Analytics are designed to offer real-time hiring insights so you can gain more visibility into candidate sourcing, completed and abandoned job applications, as well as campaign and job performance. With talent analytics, your team can view forecasting trends, career site visitor activity, traffic channel insights, and the entire talent funnel when integrated with your ATS.

June 8: Tune into the CODiE Awards

Phenom AI is designed to analyze comprehensive data points, feedback, and other pertinent information to improve hiring, growth, and retention for global enterprises. Through our experience oriented solutions, Phenom AI continues to provide the resources and guidance needed for candidates to find the right job, recruiters to discover top talent, employees to thrive, and managers to build teams faster. We’re honored to be named a 2022 CODiE Awards Finalist for Best Artificial Intelligence Driven Technology Solution.

Stay tuned for more details related to Phenom’s standing in the 2022 CODiE Awards. Final winners will be announced during a virtual celebration presentation on June 8!

Want to see Phenom AI in action? Watch the video below from Phenom AI Day or request a personalized demo!

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